Sagging commercial roof with multiple areas of ponding water present.

The average lifespan of a commercial roof varies from 10–40 years, depending on the materials used to construct it and how well it’s maintained.

But that doesn’t mean that a newer roof can’t become damaged or start to sag. In fact, much to a business owner’s dismay, many people find themselves facing a sagging roof sooner than they’d like.

If the roof of your commercial building is sagging, this article will cover the topics you need to know, including potential causes of a sagging roof, how a sagging roof can be fixed, and the cost of repairing a sagging roof.

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Roof Leak Requiring Commercial Roof Repair.

Even though the severe weather season in Ohio was off to a slow start this year, that doesn’t mean that the storms we had didn’t cause major damage to roofing systems across the region. If you have a retail store, check for signs that commercial roof repair might be needed on the horizon. Afterall, being proactive could mean saving money down the road!

If you’ve noticed issues like missing shingles, large pieces of debris or water spots on the ceiling, keep reading to see if your commercial roof needs repairs right away.

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Commercial roofers performing a roof replacement project.

A solid roof system is your building’s first line of defense against weather-related damage and potentially costly leaks. But even durable, well-maintained roofs eventually require new commercial roof installation.

There is a wide range of factors that can determine the timeline. This article will explore the elements that affect cost and overall timeline of roof installation. Read more

Roofing Inspector Performing a Commercial Roof Inspection.

You’ve taken the time and effort to schedule a commercial roof inspection, but what exactly does a roofer do during an inspection and how does it benefit you in the long run?

A commercial roof inspection is an important part of your building’s roof maintenance. Without it, small issues are easy to miss. And those small issues could turn into major (and expensive) problems that can put your entire business on hold.

There are many components to a commercial building’s roof, and as a building owner, you need to put the assessment and oversight of your roofing asset in the hands of a professional roofing company.

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