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Leaking Metal Roof Repair: How to Spot and Repair a Leak

A leaking metal roof can cause a significant amount of damage to your building. By the time the roof begins to leak, there’s already a considerable amount of damage done, so you’ll need to act quickly to reverse the damage. It’s crucial that you don’t leave your metal roof unchecked, especially as it’s aging. That’s […]

6 Environmentally Friendly Roofing Tips for Your Commercial Roof

As a small business owner, saving money on your energy costs is one of the best ways to keep your bottom line as low as possible. Environmentally friendly roofing options can help you reduce your energy consumption – protecting your profits and the world. Believe it or not, your roof is responsible for about 25 […]

Top 6 Commercial Solar Energy Benefits: Make the Switch!

Thinking of putting a solar panel system on your commercial building, but not sure that it’ll be the right fit for your business (or worth the effort to switch)? There are a lot of benefits when it comes to commercial solar panel installation, even if you’re running a small business or nonprofit. If you’re on […]

Warning Signs You May Need New Commercial Roof Drains

Ignoring the health of your commercial roof drains can be disastrous for the overall health of your building and your bottomline. Skipping drain system maintenance can cause you to end up with a flooded roof surface – or worse. If your roof drainage system needs replacing, it’s important to notice warning signs quickly before backup […]

5 Reasons Commercial Metal Roofs are a Great Choice

If you own a commercial building, your roof is one of your most important investments. It protects the integrity of your structure (and everything that it contains) from extreme weather conditions. Over the past several years, many business owners have decided to install a commercial metal roof because of its numerous advantages over other roofing […]