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Don’t Sweat It: How to Prevent Condensation in Your Industrial Roofing

Condensation is everywhere you look, yet people never seem to take notice. That’s because most condensation forms in areas that are quickly fixed—places like your car windshield or bathroom mirror. However, condensation also forms in places susceptible to water damage. Just because you paid the big bucks for an excellent industrial roof, doesn’t mean that […]

What Are The Most Popular Roofing Systems For Schools?

School buildings, like most other commercial roofing systems, need to be roofed reliably at low cost and with energy efficiency in mind. School buildings are also unique in the fact that funding sources are different and most repairs and roofing projects need to be done without disruption day to day activities. Taking those factors into […]

Tips to Extend the Useful Life of Your Commercial HVAC System

Replacing your entire HVAC system is quite a daunting task. Not only financially, but from the aspect of having the business stalled or shut down completely during the process. A commercial HVAC system generally lasts 10-15 years before signs come that it’s time to replace or repair the system in a way that helps extend […]

How Does A Reflective Roofing Membrane Work?

Reflective roofing, like a white t-shirt on a hot summer day, reflects the sun’s UV rays and sends the heat off of a building. It has been known for quite some time that the reflective qualities of the lighter colored commercial roofing materials help decrease the burden of the HVAC system and insulation. This means […]

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Program: 5 Reasons Why it’s a Good Idea

Building owners will have a leg up on the preventative maintenance of their existing roof and have the peace of mind that their efforts are not going to waste when they begin a commercial roofing maintenance program. The roofing maintenance program is also referred to as a “roof asset management program”. These programs will aggregate […]


Pitched Roof vs. Flat Roof: The Guide For Commercial Building Owners

As a commercial property owner, it can be difficult to decide between the many roofing options available when replacing an existing commercial roof. As more and more homeowners and commercial property owners opt to modernize the look and responsiveness of their roofing systems, an increasing number of properties end up converting their flat roofs to […]

What Are The Most Popular Commercial Roofing Materials?

When shopping the market for a new commercial roof, it’s important to keep track of the overall health of your building. Each commercial roof has its advantages and disadvantages, and with the amount of options available out on the market, making a decision can be pretty difficult. There are built up roofing, single ply roofing […]

How Much Does A New Commercial HVAC System Cost?

Having a safe and functional commercial air conditioning system is necessary for your employees and clients. A commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) project is a major undertaking, and they entail high upfront costs. Given the number of variables that affect the price, your costs could be much higher or lower depending on your […]

Is It Time To Look Into A Roof Asset Management Program?

Far too often, property managers and facility managers inherit a gigantic list of problems associated with their roof, due to run-until-failure management style. With proactive, planned life cycle roof system management, it is possible to eliminate excessive roof system capital expenditures over the total life of the roof. Depending on the size of the asset […]