Roof Leak Requiring Commercial Roof Repair.

Even though the severe weather season in Ohio was off to a slow start this year, that doesn’t mean that the storms we had didn’t cause major damage to roofing systems across the region. If you have a retail store, check for signs that commercial roof repair might be needed on the horizon. Afterall, being proactive could mean saving money down the road!

If you’ve noticed issues like missing shingles, large pieces of debris or water spots on the ceiling, keep reading to see if your commercial roof needs repairs right away.

1. Noticeable Increase in Energy Bills

Are you noticing an increase in your energy bills without changing your consumption habits? Your roof might be the cause.

Not many business owners think to link energy spikes with roofing issues. However, your roof plays a huge part in regulating the temperature in your store.

Your roof has insulative properties that keep heat in when it’s cold and out when it’s hot. If the insulation is due for replacement or filled with moisture from a damaged roof, your HVAC system has to work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your store.

2. Moisture Inside the Commercial Property

One of the most obvious signs you need roof repair is a water leak inside your store. If you see water dripping down the walls or ceiling when it’s raining, you have an issue with your roof.

The roof (obviously) protects the inside of your commercial building from the elements, including rain and snow. As such, it should be watertight and waterproof.

If it has lost these qualities due to damage, natural wear and tear, or just because it’s an old roof, repair it ASAP. Once moisture gets inside your establishment, it weakens the whole structure.

Water leaks also provide a good environment for mold and mildew to grow, along with bacteria. (You might also notice a damp smell inside–and there’s a good chance it’s coming from the roof.)

Note that some moisture signs also include water stains on walls and ceilings. Check both pipes and roofs in such cases. If the issue is widespread throughout the building, it’s likely time for a commercial roof replacement, and you will need to discuss your individual situation with a trusted commercial roofer.

3. Standing Water on a Flat Roof

Even if the water doesn’t get inside your store, you still need to make sure it doesn’t stay on your roof. Water should evaporate or drain off of a roof system within 24 to 48 hours. If it doesn’t, it’s a major cause for concern.

Ponding water is a serious issue because it can encourage mold growth and roof leaks, and those roofing issues can lead to faster deterioration of your roof, especially if it’s asphalt or rubber.

If you notice ponding issues, a roofing expert specializing in commercial flat roof repair can help. Although some standing water is normal for flat roofs, it should disappear right away. Regular roofing inspections will identify problem areas and monitor them to make sure they’re not leading to larger issues.

4. Sagging on the Commercial Roof

Standing water can also cause eventual sagging because of the additional weight on certain parts of the roof, the overall roofing materials, and so on.

Your roof should be even and able to bear its weight. If it’s uneven, it might pose some danger to your establishment, including your customers and staff members. As a business owner, it’s up to you to keep everyone in your building safe.

Call professional roof repair services immediately if you notice sagging. Your roof’s integrity might already be weak, which will drastically impact your roofing system’s overall lifespan.

5. Clogged Drains and Gutters

Checking exterior downspouts should be a part of your regular roof maintenance routine, especially after a heavy rain. Drains and gutters should be discharging water equal to the amount of water landing on your roof.

If the water flowing out of the downspouts isn’t significant and it’s raining heavily, you may have clogged drains. One reason might be debris collecting in the drain or water staying on the roof. Get professionals to check your roof to see if it needs repairs.

6. Bubbling or Cracking

With regular roof inspections, professional roofers will check for any bubbling or cracking of the roofing material. If you’re checking yourself, always practice safety first (and call professional roofing services if you’re unsure).

If conducting the roof inspection on your own, check for bubbling, cracking, or blistering on the surface of your roof. It usually indicates trapped moisture underneath (or pockets of air), and is a telltale sign of a failure of the roofing material.

Whatever the cause, bubbles and blisters are a bad sign. The more your roof has, the sooner you need to call for a commercial roof repair service. Remember, even if bubbling or cracking issues aren’t severe, they allow water to seep through your roof and building (which will build up over time).

7. Damaged Flashing

While you’re on the roof, check the metal flashing on the edges for signs of damage. It should be where structures and roofing materials meet, joining the two. This part of a roof has a crucial role: to seal the joints and prevent water from leaking in. As such, it should always be in tip-top shape.

If it becomes bent, broken, or is rusting, that damaged flashing might compromise the integrity of your roofing system. Otherwise, water may seep in, wreaking havoc on your commercial property.

Like we said above, moisture inside any retail location can lead to a lot of other dangerous and costly issues, including loss of merchandise. As soon as you notice an issue with the flashing, call professional services right away.

Unaddressed problems will cause deterioration and increase the total commercial roof repair cost. Keep in mind that fixing severe water damage from allowing minor issues to fester is much more expensive than a quick patch or replacement of damaged flashing.

Call a Trusted Commercial Roof Repair Service

Don’t let minor roofing issues become serious. These 7 common signs could be indicators of problems with your roofing system. Deal with them right away if you don’t want more problems and further damage to your commercial property down the road.

A trusted commercial roofing contractor, with good reviews and extensive experience, will deliver the level of service you’re looking for. TEMA Roofing is ready to partner with you, and ready to help manage the health of your commercial roofing asset. Contact us today.