Roof Asset Management Services

At TEMA Roofing, we place such high importance on our Roof Asset Management program because it’s the fiscally responsible way to manage costs for your building. When working with a client, we want to build a long-term, trusted relationship — and that’s where our maintenance program comes into play. 

TEMA’s commercial Roof Asset Management program offers a wide range of roofing services designed to ensure your investment lasts and warranties remain intact. No matter the type of roofing system—metal, TPO, EPDM—our roof maintenance services are proven to reduce leaks and extend the lifespan of your roof. Building owners and property managers can take out the guesswork for roof repairs and other roofing needs.  

Whether you have one building or one hundred, TEMA has the experience and expertise to evaluate the condition of your roof and customize a Roof Asset Management program that fits both your needs and your budget.

Save Money. Maintain the Value of Your Roof.

Built from 20 years of maintenance experience, our asset roof management program gives you:

  • Roof leak emergency service 24/7/365
  • Custom-designed preventative maintenance programs for every roof in your asset portfolio
  • Cloud-based roof asset management program with real-time access
  • Redundant and secure server for data storage and backup
  • History of maintenance work and roofing projects performed during the life of the roof
  • A team of professionals with more than a century of combined experience in the roofing industry as your go-to roofing contractor and advocate

Roof Maintenance Makes a Difference

According to studies conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the American Institute of Architects, an effective roof maintenance program may reduce commercial roof leaks by up to 70 percent and fully double your roof’s life expectancy.

See how regular roof inspections can keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to major roof repair or replacement.

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A customized Roof Asset Management program from TEMA Roofing will identify problem areas and extend the life cycle of your existing roof, avoiding costly roof replacement.

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“I recently had commercial roof maintenance done by TEMA Roofing Services and would like to say what an excellent job they did! They worked diligently to get the job done in a safe and timely manner. I would highly recommend their services to anyone, and I look forward to using them again in the future.”