Commercial Roof Inspection & Survey

Whether you’re planning for a new roof or have noticed water stains and are in need of roof repair, it’s important to contact an experienced commercial roofing contractor and complete a roof survey BEFORE you get to work.

At TEMA Roofing, we are proud to offer free roofing inspections that include pictures and detailed assessments of problem areas on your commercial building’s roof.

As a building owner, you can rest assured knowing that our no-obligation roof survey includes a detailed report of your roofing problem or project, giving you a defined scope of work for your entire roof.

Roofing Inspection & Evaluation Benefits

  • Understand the status of your roof’s condition: review roof leaks, ponding water, lifespan, HVAC units, decking issues, downspouts and more.
  • Discover problem areas and discuss opportunities for roof maintenance and roof repair.
  • Discuss solutions for complete commercial roof replacement, when applicable.

TEMA’s 40-Point Evaluation for Commercial Roofing

At TEMA Roofing Services, we rely heavily on our decades of experience. We understand the value of a comprehensive commercial roof inspection and work to deliver the best results, whether installing a completely new roofing system or evaluating the roof surface to keep your warranty intact.

The inspection process includes an evaluation of the building’s interior, walking the roof (looking for issues like standing water, cracks, blisters, etc.), and taking core samples of the existing roofing material. Upon completion, we will review the roofing inspection along with you and make suggestions for repair, restoration or replacement.

Get Your Commercial Roof Inspection

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