Roofing contractors performing metal roof restoration.

Metal roof systems are known for being a durable, long-lasting commercial roofing option – but, nothing lasts forever.

That said, damage doesn’t need to mean a full-blown roof replacement. Sometimes, metal roof restoration can save your existing roof.

How do you determine if it’s the right route to go? Before you invest in a new roof, get some professional insight on what to look for.

The Lowdown on How Metal Roof Restoration Works

Restoration involves the application of a metal roof coating.

The process begins with a roof inspection to assess the condition of the metal panels. A roofing contractor looks for corrosion, roof leaks and any other damage to the metal roof panels. Areas that are corroded may need to be replaced before the coating application can begin.

Once the roof inspection addresses issues on the roof surface, the roof is cleaned (usually with a pressure washer) to remove any existing coatings and sealants. Then, it’s primed. One of the most important steps here is to prep the flat roof beforehand to enhance adhesion between the surface and the roof coating system.

Before the entire roof is covered, any fasteners, standing seams, drains or penetrations are coated with a waterproofing mask. After everything is prepped, the coating is applied to the entire roofing system.

Metal Roof Coating Options

When it comes to roof coating options, you can choose from elastomeric, acrylic, polyurethane and silicone. Each comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks that you’ll want to consider.

For instance, acrylic coatings have high reflectivity, which can increase your energy savings, but they’re easily damaged by ponding water. Elastomeric roof coatings are more durable to weathering and moisture, but they tend to be more expensive and complicated to apply.

After application, the roof coating needs to cure. Most take 24-48 hours, though silicone coatings may need up to 72 hours to cure properly.

Benefits of Metal Roof Restoration

One of the major benefits of a roof restoration is how cost-effective it is compared to new roof installation. Building owners who opt for roof restoration can save up to 80% of the cost of new roofing materials and installation. Typically, facility managers find they extend the life expectancy of their existing roof by ten years or more.

The restoration process is also good for the environment. Not only are there fewer materials sent to the dump, but roof coatings also supply extra UV protection that can boost your commercial building’s energy efficiency (not to mention lower your energy costs).

Metal roof restoration is also far less disruptive and time-consuming than a full-blown roof replacement. If you’ve hired a reputable, experienced roofing company, the work can get done in just seven to ten business days.

How Much Does Applying the Roof Coating Cost?

The cost of the restoration process varies based on the roof coating material you select in addition to the size and condition of your roof surface. The complexity of the roofing project can also factor in.

If you have a lot of large penetrations, such as skylights or HVAC machines, irregular roof surfaces or multiple layers of existing coating and sealant, it increases the cost of labor.

On average, however, roof restoration costs between $2 to $10 per square foot, whereas a new roof is much more costly (and cost is dependent upon the kind of roofing material you decide to install).

When Is Metal Roof Repair and Restoration an Option?

The earlier you restore your roof, the better. When you wait too long, even roof restoration won’t save the life of your existing roof.

As soon as you notice small spots of rust and corrosion (or some minor leaks) then calling in a roofing company to perform repairs and apply a roof restoration system can address these issues and add some extra years to your roofing system.

The best defense against needing a full-scale replacement is to be proactive about the health of your roof. This means keeping an eye on developing problems and performing regular maintenance and inspections. If you catch issues early on, then roof restoration is a great way to keep your roof functioning for years to come. Many companies even offer warranties on their roof restoration systems that range from 5 to 20 years.

When Should You Get a Roof Replacement?

If the roof damage is too severe, you’ll need a new roof – there’s no way around it. If the substrate isn’t foundationally solid, or there’s too much corrosion on the roof’s surface, metal roof restoration won’t be possible.

When your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, then opting for a new roof is your best bet. Though metal roofs can last several decades, eventually they’ll need to be replaced instead of restored, especially if they’ve deteriorated too much over time.

Find Out If Metal Roof Restoration Is Right For You

Each roof is different. Environmental circumstances, age and the amount of damage you’re dealing with all affect whether or not metal roof restoration can be done on your commercial property. But, it’s worth exploring if your roof is in need.

The most important thing is to act quickly. If you notice small signs of damage, then it’s time to reach out to an experienced roofing company to see what’s better – metal roof restoration or metal roof replacement.

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