Newly repaired leaking metal roof.

A leaking metal roof can cause a significant amount of damage to your building. By the time the roof begins to leak, there’s already a considerable amount of damage done, so you’ll need to act quickly to reverse the damage.

It’s crucial that you don’t leave your metal roof unchecked, especially as it’s aging. That’s also why you need to hire the right commercial roofer for new roof installation and metal roof repairs.

If your metal roof is already leaking, there may be a few reasons why. Keep reading to learn more about how to spot (and fix) your commercial building’s leaking metal roof.

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Professionals performing commercial roof maintenance.

Did you know that hailstorms cause over $3.5 billion in losses to commercial buildings and farms? This is why commercial roof maintenance is so crucial to preventing huge losses. Any weakness or opening on a roofing system can result in thousands of dollars in structural and roof damage.

Managing commercial property requires a smart and consistent roof maintenance plan. Regular inspections, routine upkeep, and quick repairs need proper budgeting. If your roofing maintenance consists of patching up problems as they appear, you’re bound to run into more costly emergencies later.

Get to the forefront of major roofing expenses and prevent early losses. As a commercial building owner or manager, give yourself peace of mind and use this guide of commercial roof maintenance tips to maintain a high return on your investment.

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Commercial roofer inspecting a roof.

Whether they are unforeseen or obvious, roofing problems can always be a pain as well as an expense that can be significant. There are some common roofing issues that occur more often than others and as such there are specific roofing services that are needed more often than others. These issues can be caused by failure that is premature which leads to a service life that is reduced.

While this is not meant to be any sort of a diagnostic guide, it will have four of the most common roofing problems that commercial business owners and professional roofers battle.

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Workers replacing a commercial roof.

Are you considering purchasing a commercial building for your business? Do you already have the building but are concerned about whether or not it needs a new roof?

Concern about a building’s roofing system is common, no matter what type of business you own or operate. Your roof literally protects every aspect of your business — the staff, the equipment, the product — EVERYTHING! And unfortunately, because of its importance, not all roofing companies are completely honest about whether or not you need a complete commercial re-roof. They may try to sell you on a new roof for questionable reasons or misrepresent the facts.

But, there are actually a few ways to tell if you need to replace the entire roof. Warning signs abound, and after considering the indicators listed below you should be able to decide if you need a new roof or just a few repairs.

Keep reading for more information!

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Typical flat roof on a commercial building.

Now more than ever before, building owners have multiple choices when considering a roofing system. But, with the plethora of options that are available, picking the right type of roofing system material can be a difficult task.

Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about commercial roofing, and we’re here to let you know what specific roofing materials may be best suited for your building. Before you know it, you’ll be able to make your purchase and get the project rolling.

Read on for info on some common types of commercial roofing materials.

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Regular commercial roof inspection helps avoid an early roof replacement

Commercial building owners have a lot on their plate, and sometimes regular roof maintenance falls to the wayside. But, making sure your commercial roof is in good condition is the first step in ensuring safety for everyone inside. 

Annual roof maintenance doesn’t have to mean footing the bill for costly roofing expenditures every year, especially if you’re being proactive about preventative maintenance and commercial roof inspections for peace of mind Read more

Roof inspection as part of a Roof Asset Management program.

A comprehensive roof asset management program can greatly extend the life cycle of your commercial roof system. Not only will it help you to understand the present roof condition, but it will also allow you to anticipate repairs and maintenance. (Knowledge of such important things helps you plan for those expenditures and prevent your roof from becoming a safety hazard to employees and customers.) Let’s look at the most important parts of a good roof asset management program Read more

Roofing Inspector Performing a Commercial Roof Inspection.

You’ve taken the time and effort to schedule a commercial roof inspection, but what exactly does a roofer do during an inspection and how does it benefit you in the long run?

A commercial roof inspection is an important part of your building’s roof maintenance. Without it, small issues are easy to miss. And those small issues could turn into major (and expensive) problems that can put your entire business on hold.

There are many components to a commercial building’s roof, and as a building owner, you need to put the assessment and oversight of your roofing asset in the hands of a professional roofing company.

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Single-Ply Roofing Membranes Explained

The market for single-ply roofing is worth $4.61 billion and is expected to reach $5.72 billion by 2026. And, while BUR and modified bitumen used to rule the market when it came to low-sloped commercial roofing, single-ply roofing membranes now dominate. Read more

Winterizing Your Commercial Roof

The midwest United States has weather extremes that create tremendous stress on buildings, so you can’t ignore the need to winterize your commercial buildings. Read more