Design-Build Services by TEMA Roofing

Design-Build contracts streamline the commercial roofing process; you sign one agreement and have one point of contact from start to end. You work with one full-service roofing company for all your roofing needs: initial roof inspection, design, construction services, and project management. With the designer and the contractor on the same team, commercial roofing problems are addressed quickly and without conflict—speeding up delivery by over 33%.

At TEMA Roofing Services, our decades of experience taught us that no roofing project is “standard.” Change can—and will—happen during new roof installation. By using Design-Build roofing contractors at TEMA, we anticipate possible change-orders from the outset of design discussions, issuing one solid contract price to our clients.

Industry-Leading Design-Builders

The professionals at TEMA Roofing have been providing top-notch Design-Build roofing services to customers for more than 30 years. To us, the benefits of this delivery method boil down to two universal factors in business: time and money.

Save Time with Design-Build

With Design-Build, the designer and contractor are a unified front. Possible change-orders are anticipated and planned for from the outset of design discussions. And, since owners interact with a single contact, they don’t need to act as an arbiter for disagreements on points of confusion between subcontractors (meaning faster, high-quality workmanship and better turnaround on project completion).

Save Money with Design-Build

Design-Build contracts are a single, simplified agreement method for commercial construction. You get one price the first time. With Design-Build, your business doesn’t have to involve outside architects or engineers (or the fees associated with their conceptual plans), which can often lengthen the process and increase the cost as designs are put out to bid with document preparation, pre-bid meetings, contract selection, negotiation, and so on.

Benefit From Design-Build Construction

TEMA’s Design-Build method for commercial roofing can simplify the construction of your new roofing system!

  • Manage one contract (instead of two separate ones) between both the contractor and the designer.
  • Eliminate disputes between the architect and the general contractor over things like cost overruns on labor or roofing materials.
  • Anticipate change orders because the designer and roofing contractor are on the same team.
  • Simplify the roof replacement timeline (by eliminating the bid and contract selection process) and get new construction done quicker.
  • Reduce costs associated with having to use an outside architect or engineer for roofing project specs.

Learn how TEMA’s Design-Build method of roofing can simplify your roof construction project, regardless of the type of roof.

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