Commercial Roof Repair & Roof Restoration

TEMA can provide a variety of solutions when it comes to repairing or restoring your roofing system. With over 50 million square feet of commercial roofing installed in our history, TEMA has the experience needed to deliver a high-caliber project.

Commercial Roof Repair

Unfortunately, no roof can last forever. But, when well-maintained, a quality commercial roofing system CAN last for decades.

Our knowledgeable, experienced staff is ready to assess your roofing needs and fix issues quickly and correctly. In many cases, repair can extend the life of your roofing system and save your business from the large costs associated with a complete replacement.

Commercial Roof Restoration

TEMA offers several solutions for roof restoration to extend life and maximize your investment. For example, fluid applied roofing systems has many benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion to current roof
  • 100% tax-deductible the year of installation
  • Warrantied to withstand ponding water
  • Cool roof technology lowers interior cooling costs
  • Seamless waterproofing and protection from the elements
  • Sustainable 12 & 15-year warranty options
  • Cures & prevent rust
  • Proven UV stability

Together, these features mean you can expect your roof to live long, perform well and, most importantly, protect your assets for the length of their service life. Talk with TEMA to see if roof restoration is right for your building.

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Repair and Restoration

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