A man smiling at his utility bill after having an energy-efficient roof installed.

With electricity use costing around 30% more than just four years ago, you’re probably looking for a way to cut down on your energy costs. The right energy-efficient roof can help you slash your utility bills and cut down power plant emissions – saving your budget and the environment at the same time. The most […]

A roofing contractor applying a commercial roof coating.

To get the most out of your existing roof, a quality commercial roof coating can help.  Coatings work to protect your commercial property from common roof problems at a fraction of a new roof’s costs. However, knowing when to apply a roof coating – and even knowing if it’s an option – can be challenging.  […]

A bill showing the itemized entries that make up a new commercial roof cost.

When you’re installing a new roof on your commercial building, it can be hard to anticipate the total cost.  Price ranges can vary wildly for roofing projects – sometimes by thousands of dollars. That means knowing which quote is accurate can be a challenge, especially when you aren’t familiar with the industry.  The same is […]