Professionals performing commercial roof maintenance.

Did you know that hailstorms cause over $3.5 billion in losses to commercial buildings and farms? This is why commercial roof maintenance is so crucial to preventing huge losses. Any weakness or opening on a roofing system can result in thousands of dollars in structural and roof damage. Managing commercial property requires a smart and […]

Professional roofers working on a commercial roof replacement.

You’re here because you’re a commercial business owner (or building owner) wondering if you need a commercial roof repair vs. replacement, and you’re in the right place. As pricey as commercial roofs are, you’d think they’d last forever. But regardless of which roofing system you have, this isn’t the case. Over time, your roof weakens. […]

Roofer working on emergency roof repairs.

Roof damage lets moisture breach the building, which can cause mold growth and structural damage. Left unchecked, this can make your building dangerous to your staff and your equipment. And, delaying emergency roof repairs following storms and accidents can result in major damage. So, what do you need to do when you notice a problem, […]