Summer maintenance on a commercial HVAC system.

When caring for your commercial roof, maintenance schedules suggest that you have a full roof inspection twice a year as part of your roof’s preventive maintenance. The best times are before winter and before summer. On most commercial buildings the HVAC equipment is mounted on the roof, so it’s prudent to have the HVAC system […]

Roofing workers completing a roof replacement.

Your commercial roof can be repaired and restored instead of replaced, but the service you choose depends on the problem you’re experiencing. Repairing a roof essentially entails fixing or patching a smaller issue while it’s still performing at a high quality level. However, if the issue is a much larger problem, you’re essentially asking a […]

Roofing contractors inspecting a commercial roof.

One way or another, the outdoor elements will find a way to wreak havoc on the roof of your commercial building. Once we emerge from the harsh cold temperatures of winter weather, with its heavy snow loads and the freezing ice, mother nature has a new season of severe weather complete with its own set […]