A man looks over a roof in need of emergency commercial roof repair.

The quicker your emergency commercial roof repair is done, the quicker your business can get back to operating at full capacity.

That’s why it’s so important to find reliable and efficient commercial roofers who are ready to solve serious issues that threaten your commercial roof. But, it’s equally important that you know when to contact them, and what you can do on your end to make sure your emergency roof repair moves forward as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking to solve commercial roof damage fast, here’s the information you need to have handy to solve your roofing problems as quickly (and painlessly) as possible.

What Constitutes Emergency Roof Repair Services?

The longer you wait to make the call, the worse your roof’s needs become. And without proper maintenance over time, you’re pretty much asking for a roof leak tomorrow. That, in turn, can lead to further damage that requires a new roof replacement!

But, even when your roofing system is well-maintained, issues can pop up that have the ability to cause serious damage to your commercial building (requiring emergency response). So, it’s important to know what kinds of problems cause serious roofing issues in order to resolve them ASAP (before your bottom line comes crashing down).

Storm Damage

Severe weather is one of the most common causes of emergency situations. Water damage from heavy rains, wind damage from tornadoes or high winds, intense hail damage, felled trees and even tree branches can all lead to serious roof issues that require emergency services.

Storm damage is on the rise due to shifting weather patterns, so it’s important to have roofing professionals on hand to resolve any serious issues that compromise your commercial roofing system.

Clogged Gutters or Drainage Systems

Neglecting the health of your drainage system can lead to major roof damage and lead to emergency roof leak repair services. Water ponding on your flat roof is a sign of major roofing issues to come. If you don’t catch the issue in time, then the structural integrity of your roof can be damaged, leading to major water leaks.

Structural Failure

If your commercial building is on the older side, it may be more likely to develop major roofing issues. If you notice your roof sagging (or swelling) in places, it’s often a sign that the structure of the roof needs repair.


Animals can cause massive damage to your commercial roof by chewing their way through your roofing material, leading to large roof leaks in a short amount of time. Rodents often seek shelter in buildings during the colder months or after a severe storm. While regular roof inspections can help you spot and fix pest issues early on, failing to complete regular maintenance can lead to larger issues that require emergency repairs.

Poor Workmanship

If your roofing project wasn’t installed correctly, it could lead to failure down the line. Your roof needs to be able to withstand severe weather conditions and the test of time, which is why it’s important to hire a dependable contractor. If you settle for substandard workmanship during new roof installation, you may end up in an emergency situation later.

What to Do When You Need Commercial Roof Repair

If you’ve sustained serious damage to your roof, it’s important to act quickly and take the proper steps while you wait for your roofing company to arrive on-site. Here are the steps you can take to streamline your emergency roof repair:

1. Assess and Document the Damage

Take clear photos of the damaged area to show the extent of the damage, and make sure to document the cause of the damage. (This is necessary information for your insurance company).

2. Contact Your Roofing Company

Reach out to a professional commercial roofing company ASAP during an emergency situation and give detailed information about the nature of your emergency.

3. Prevent Further Damage

While you wait for the roofing experts, do what you can to minimize damage to the interior of your commercial building. If it can be done safely, remove any equipment from the affected area. Tarping below the damaged roof can help limit the amount of water damage caused.

How Long Reliable Emergency Roof Repair Takes

Experienced and reliable roofers typically have an emergency service phone number you can call to receive prompt service. After you place your call, a roof expert comes onsite within hours to assess and make the necessary repairs to avoid further damage.

Get the Best Commercial Roof Repair – Fast

TEMA Roofing understands that the longer your commercial roof remains damaged, the longer your business’ bottom line suffers. That’s why we offer priority, 24-hour Emergency Roof Repair Services.

If you’re experiencing a roofing emergency, all you need to do is call our emergency services line: 1-800-513-TEMA (8362). Within 4-8 hours, one of our roofing experts will be onsite to assess your damage and begin making the necessary repairs – no matter what day of the week or time of day it is.

Our skilled and responsive workers are armed with the experience needed to perform emergency repairs – often leading to zero downtime for your business. If you’re interested in partnering with a professional commercial roofing company that’s skilled not only at quality roof installation but also emergency commercial roof repair, contact us today for a free consultation.