Waterproofing and insulation at construction site

Commercial roofing systems come in all shapes and sizes, so, when in need of full roof replacement, costs can be high (especially if you have a large building).

Because of the monetary investment needed for full replacement, it’s important to know that your new commercial roof will withstand the test of time. Thus, it’s essential to hire a reliable, reputable commercial roofing contractor. So let’s take a look at some tips to get the best of the best!

Check Your Local Roofing Laws

In Ohio, there is no statewide licensing regulation for roofing contractors. Instead, licenses and permits are required by the building departments and vary depending on location.

For instance, the City of Akron requires all contractors to have a tax account number. They need to obtain this from the Income Tax Division before starting a project and only then will the department issue them a Certificate of Registration.

In Youngstown (Mahoning County), all contractors need to first register with the city. This includes anyone who wishes to perform roofing jobs, including commercial roofing contractors. They also need to satisfy the city’s bond requirements before they can get registered.

In both cases, pushing through without completing the requirements will result in project suspension.

That said, it’s best you check the local laws regarding roofing licenses and permits first. This way, you can make sure that the roofing contractor you hire is a legitimate entity.

Choose a Commercial Roofing Company that Offers 24-Hour Service

A leaky roof requires immediate repair, because when left untreated, it can cause severe interior damage (especially in commercial properties with a lot of assets, such as expensive equipment). For example, water can drip into electronic devices and fry up their internal components.

As if that’s not enough, most manufacturers also void warranties for water damage. Meaning, you may end up paying for repairs or replacements using company funds. What’s more, your business will also suffer from downtime due to malfunctioning equipment.

If you have severe roof leaks, your best bet is to hire a roofer offering 24/7 roof repairs. Depending on the severity of your roof leak, they can be at your property within four to eight hours.

Team Up with a Contractor Specializing in Commercial Roofing Services

Even if you’re in the market for a new commercial roof, it’s best to hire a contractor offering roof repairs, as well. In fact, you should choose a company offering roof maintenance and restoration, too!


For one, it removes the need to start from scratch and find another company when repairs are needed. (It makes no sense to go through the same time-consuming process of verifying licenses.)

In short, you’ll know who exactly to call, be it for roof repairs, maintenance or replacement. Think of them as a one-stop-shop for anything related to your commercial roof. They can save you a lot of time and the most reliable roofing contractors provide guarantees and warranties.

Hire an NRCA Member

The NRCA, or National Roofing Contractors Association, is a US trade association. It’s an exclusive group of roofing experts committed to informing and assisting the roofing industry while acting as its principal advocate and help members in serving their customers.

All NRCA members have gone through the screening processes, including the demonstration of hands-on and skills and knowledge. The NRCA also requires applicants to submit evidence of liability coverage and proof of worker’s compensation for their workers.

These are only a few of the NRCA’s requirements, but they all point to a member’s financial stability. And, most importantly, they signify a member’s dedication to providing only top-notch workmanship.

That’s why the acronym NRCA is one of the first things to look for in a roofing contractor’s profile. By choosing an NRCA member, you can be at ease knowing that experts will handle your commercial roof.

Check the Contractor’s Project Estimating Process

Once you find a roofer offering free estimates, ask about their valuing process. (If they provide a quote without ever receiving any details from you, that’s not a good sign.) It’s imperative that they know the scope of work needed.

Reputable contractors, on the other hand, first ask for project details. They need to identify how big the job is, what kind of roofing system is needed, and how long the project will take. It’s only after evaluating the scope of work that a trusted company can provide an accurate quote.

This estimate, although free, is non-obligatory (meaning, they won’t force you to hire them just because they gave you a quote).

Also, dependable roofers make sure that they put all of their proposals in writing. This includes detailed descriptions of the work and their expected completion date. There should also be a section discussing payment methods and who will work on which part of the project.

Hire the Best Roofer for the Best Commercial Roofing Work

There you have it, folks – your ultimate guide on how to find and hire a reliable commercial roofing company. Follow these simple tips and ensure the workmanship, quality, and longevity of your new roof.

Ready to hire a dependable and highly-experienced commercial roofer? Then don’t hesitate to connect with us! The sooner you do, the sooner TEMA Roofing Services can discuss your commercial roofing options!