New metal roof

Installing a roof isn’t a one-day job. Once the installation starts, you might be without a real roof for up to a week, which is exactly why you can’t install a new roof at just any time of the year!

Issues like rain and snow can set the project back. And, when your business doesn’t have a roof, setbacks like this aren’t an option.

To help, we’ve put together this season by season guide to help you discover the best time of year to install metal roofing in northeast Ohio. Keep reading!

What’s the Best Time of Year for Metal Roof Installation?

Northeast Ohio (places like Akron, Canton, Cleveland, etc) experiences a range of freezing, hot and humid weather conditions throughout the year, which can make choosing the best time to install a new roof challenging, especially if you choose metal material. Because of this, we’ve put together a quick walkthrough of the pros and cons of installing a roof in each season. So let’s take a closer look.


If you live in an area that has mild winters, winter can be a good time to install a new roof. But in the Northeast, you’ll want to avoid this season. Winter snow can be difficult for the installers to work around. (Let’s not forget, in order to install a new roof you have to remove the old one first!)

Additionally, once the old roof is removed, the internal temperature of your building can drop to low, uncomfortable levels. Even more, roofing companies also can’t install metal roofs if the outside temperature is below freezing since the metal will contract. (As the weather gets warmer, the metal will expand and can make our roof look bad—and, in some cases, damage the structure.)

As a result, most (smart) people choose to avoid wintertime metal roof installations.


Spring is also a challenging time to install a metal roof because of weather issues. Early spring may still be filled with sporadic snowfall, and, of course, once the snow finally melts away, the rain starts!

Thunderstorms are also common at the end of spring (and some years might even see springtime tornados). Needless to say, you don’t want to leave your business unprotected. The rain and storms can make it difficult to work on the roof, and many companies will want to wait for a more dry time to install your roof.

On the plus side, though, spring isn’t quite as jam-packed for contractors (because of the unpredictable weather mentioned above). It’s often easier to squeeze in a roof installation during this time of year than it is during summer or fall.


Northeast summers aren’t full of snow, but they ARE humid!

While increased humidity doesn’t prevent roof installation, it could affect the internal comfort of your building when installing a new roof. All of that work tearing off the old and installing the new could make the inside of your building hot and sticky, so you’ll want to work fast.

Make no mistake though, summer, in general, is definitely a better time to work on your roof than winter or spring. Because of the (obvious) better weather, summer is often a busy time for many roofing companies.

Start planning for your roofing needs in advance. Research materials, review local, reputable companies and have a plan in place well before the roof installation needs to take place. Once you find the best commercial roofing company for the job, call and make sure you can get on their schedule!


During the fall, Northeast weather gets much milder and more predictable. You don’t (usually) have to worry about snow, frequent storms or high levels of humidity.

Instead, the temperature typically hovers around 60 to 70 degrees (which means that the internal temperature of your building won’t drop to extreme lows or jump to extreme highs during installation), and the experience is a lot more pleasurable, for both the building occupants AND the commercial roofers!

Like summer, it’s a good idea to plan well in advance if you want to replace your commercial roof during the fall.

Picking the Best Time

Ultimately, the best time to install metal roofing in northeast Ohio will depend on your needs and obligations. While fall is the best time of year, based on weather and comfort, it’s also the busiest time of year for many roofing companies.

Of course, in some cases, your roof might need to be replaced right away due to damage. If damage occurs, waiting might not be an option because putting the project off too long can lead to heavy leaking or do damage to the integrity of your structure.

However, if you CAN wait to schedule your roof replacement, fall is often a great time to do it. Need some help installing your new metal roof and live near Akron, Canton, and the surrounding areas? Make sure you click here to get in touch with us today!