Team Work

Youngstown, OH: TEMA Roofing Vice President, Justin Froelich, was recently elected to the Board of Directors at the Youngstown Business Incubator (YBI), located in the heart of downtown Youngstown. Members of the board are seen as area business leaders with a passion for growing the local economy and building a sustainable platform for innovation and job growth.

“Community involvement is a cornerstone of our business,” says Justin Froelich, VP at TEMA Roofing Services. “We’re committed to this area—we work here and we raise our families here—and as we continue to grow, we want to lift others up along the way.”

While TEMA’s services are rooted in a long history of commercial and industrial roofing knowledge, the company also strives to incorporate new technologies into its operations (like infrared scanning for roofing system moisture content) to stay ahead of the curve and continue leading the industry.

“Our work with the YBI was a no-brainer,” says Froelich. “The incubator strives to advance technology and places a strong focus on women’s and minority entrepreneurship, which is right in line with TEMA, being that we are a woman-owned company.”

The Youngstown Business Incubator is an internationally recognized program that leverages its entrepreneurial expertise and resource network to meaningfully impact technology-based economic development and community wealth. It operates four locations in downtown Youngstown

 TEMA Roofing Services is a commercial roofing company, proudly owned by the Froelich family and established with three generations of experience. The company’s approach to roofing is simply to provide professional work that customers can measure, and they quantify their work according to the four keys to great roofing: using the best materials and technology, determining the right specifications for the job, choosing a reputable and experienced contractor, and maintaining an ongoing relationship.