Two men conducting an industrial roof repair on a commercial building.

Did you know that water damage is the culprit for nearly $11 billion of yearly insurance claims in the United States?

That’s because approximately 10% of all damage done to buildings is caused by rain, snow or hail storms, and one of the most affected property components is roofing systems. So, whether we talk about commercial or industrial roofing, you need to do everything you can to protect your asset.

Luckily, you can maximize the durability and prolong the lifespan of your industrial roof by utilizing methods of maintaining it all year round by putting the following industrial roofing repair tips into practice.

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A side-by-side comparison of different commercial roof types.

If your commercial roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, then it’s important to get a handle on the different commercial roof types commonly used for replacement.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a commercial roofing option, such as the slope of your building’s roof and the weather conditions in your area. Some roofing materials will be better suited for areas with high wind, and some won’t work as well in humid areas (which increases the rate of corrosion). Before you commit to your roof replacement, it’s important to consider all of the benefits and drawbacks of each roofing solution.

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Roofing Tips

As a small business owner, saving money on your energy costs is one of the best ways to keep your bottom line as low as possible. Environmentally friendly roofing options can help you reduce your energy consumption – protecting your profits and the world.

Believe it or not, your roof is responsible for about 25 percent of your business’s energy loss. Over time, this contributes to an increase in your energy bills, heating costs, and the overall comfort of your building. So, if there was a way to make your commercial roof more eco-friendly, wouldn’t you want to?

Luckily, new eco-friendly roofing materials can help to significantly improve your building’s energy efficiency while also protecting the structure from the elements.

That means more savings for your business and less downtime due to leaks and water damage repairs.

Read on to learn how industry professionals are working to make roofing options as eco-friendly as possible.

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A commercial solar panel system producing renewable energy.

Thinking of putting a solar panel system on your commercial building, but not sure that it’ll be the right fit for your business (or worth the effort to switch)?

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to commercial solar panel installation, even if you’re running a small business or nonprofit. If you’re on the fence when it comes to making the switch from fossil fuels, consider these commercial solar benefits!

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A downspout on a commercial roof drain directing water away from the building.

Ignoring the health of your commercial roof drains can be disastrous for the overall health of your building and your bottomline. Skipping drain system maintenance can cause you to end up with a flooded roof surface – or worse.

If your roof drainage system needs replacing, it’s important to notice warning signs quickly before backup causes more damage. Here’s all you need to know about commercial roof drains to keep your water flowing and your building in good health.

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A professional roofer conducting a commercial roof inspection.

Regular inspections are important if you want to maintain the health of your commercial roofing system. Building owners who skimp out on preventative maintenance often pay more down the line through costly roof repairs or even a roof replacement that could have been avoided if they’d caught the damage earlier.

To make sure you keep your roof’s condition pristine, you need to check the 9 essential pieces of this commercial roof inspection checklist. Not feeling up to the task of doing it yourself? That’s where commercial roofing professionals like the ones at TEMA Roofing come in.

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Professional roofing contractors installing a commercial metal roof.

If you own a commercial building, your roof is one of your most important investments. It protects the integrity of your structure (and everything that it contains) from extreme weather conditions.

Over the past several years, many business owners have decided to install a commercial metal roof because of its numerous advantages over other roofing materials. But, what are the top benefits of metal roofing for a commercial building? Let’s take a look at all that this type of roofing has to offer.

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A man worried about the price for flat roof replacement talking to a roofing contractor.

When it comes to running your business, it’s important to keep an eye on your bottom line. While the average cost of flat roof installation is less than a pitched roof, the price for flat roof replacement may still make you hesitate to call your local roofing contractor.

You may be worried your old roof is at the end of its lifespan, and wondering if the total cost of a whole new roof is something you can afford. There are several cost factors that go into the price of a new flat roof. If you’re worried about installation costs or the costs of repairs, it’s best to prepare by learning what the national average cost is for a new roofing system.

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A built-up roofing system on a commercial roof.

If your current commercial flat roof is coming up on the end of its life expectancy, you may be wondering what type of material to select for your new roof.

The durability of your roofing materials, as well as the cost, are important things to consider when you are getting ready for a roof replacement. How long does a built-up roof last – and is it worth the cost? Or should you go with something pricier like a metal roof? Let’s find out.

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Experts in the middle of the solar panel installation process.

Electric bill eating into your overhead?

It’s no secret that electricity prices are rising for homeowners and businesses alike. As a result, the shift to solar energy is becoming a better and better investment thanks to local, state, and federal tax credits and incentives – not to mention the amount of money you’ll save on your energy bills.

How long does commercial solar panel installation take? It’s a common question asked when researching solar panels – but there are two factors to consider: the time it takes for the entire process, and the time it takes for the actual installation. Let us walk you through both.

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