TEMA installs Little Library boxes.

Thanks to TEMA Roofing Services Vice President Justin Froelich and the Youngstown Rotary Club, a Little Free Library box was installed to support book sharing in our community! A giving box was also installed to collect seeds, bulbs, and other small gardening items. Both include hooks to hold your dog’s leash!

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Roofing contractor reviewing roof asset management program.

Roof asset management is a way to proactively protect your roof system by identifying and taking corrective action before problems become bigger and more costly during the life cycle of your roof. But, there’s more to roof asset management than just a maintenance program. It’s a trust-built relationship between you and your roofing contractor to keep the quality of what’s inside of your building intact while keeping track of the equipment on the outside of it, also known as the building envelope. 

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Summer maintenance on a commercial HVAC system.

When caring for your commercial roof, maintenance schedules suggest that you have a full roof inspection twice a year as part of your roof’s preventive maintenance. The best times are before winter and before summer. On most commercial buildings the HVAC equipment is mounted on the roof, so it’s prudent to have the HVAC system inspected during the same time. With temperatures potentially rising above 90-100 degrees, it’s necessary to have a smooth-running HVAC system in the summer for airflow, ventilation and for cooling your workspace. 

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Roofing inspectors surveying a roof for commercial roof insurance.

Most commercial property owners and even homeowners tend to make decisions and never revisit them. Reviewing your business insurance policy with your insurance company is as many other decisions business owners make on a daily basis. You need to check your commercial property’s policies periodically so that you are fully protected. Your property’s commercial roofing protects your business; it needs protection, too. 

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Roofing workers completing a roof replacement.

Your commercial roof can be repaired and restored instead of replaced, but the service you choose depends on the problem you’re experiencing. Repairing a roof essentially entails fixing or patching a smaller issue while it’s still performing at a high quality level. However, if the issue is a much larger problem, you’re essentially asking a roofing contractor to put a bandaid on your home’s roof. And bandaids wear off over time (as well as void your warranty in some cases). Let’s say you have a small hole in your roof. A commercial roof repair might be the right fix for the job. But what if the hole or loose shingle in your roof has been there for several years? This means that any sort of debris, water, and mold could have found its way into the structure of the roof. Cost can add up quickly by not being aware or knowing the differences between repairs, restoration or replacement.

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