Commercial roof leaks being addressed quickly to avoid bigger issues.

About 40% of building-related problems are due to water intrusion, usually through the roof. If your commercial roof has sprung a leak, don’t wait. Instead, make sure to follow these six steps for addressing roof leaks right away to minimize damage and other complications. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a long list of losses and expensive costs in your future. 

Roofs usually last about half of their designed lifespan, due to the building owner’s lack of preventative roof maintenance and repair of minor issues. It pays off to be diligent, because regular roof inspections for a potential point of entry can postpone full roof replacement. Keep reading to discover how to handle commercial roof leaks today and protect your roof! Read more

here are many advantages of cool roofing systems, including decreased energy costs and extended lifespan.

Did you know you can improve the energy efficiency of your business, save money, and keep your office buildings more comfortable with just one change? Cool roofing systems provide an easy way to gain these benefits with just one switch.

Why should you consider cool roofing for your building? There are many advantages of cool roofing systems for commercial roofing. See why cool roofing might be the best option for your commercial roofs! Read more

The Builders Association Highlights TEMA Roofing.

Founded in 2015, TEMA Roofing Services may not be the oldest roofing company in the Youngstown area, but behind its name lies decades of experience in the roofing industry. TEMA President Tom Froelich, Jr. got his start at Roth Bros. in 1984, where he started in HVAC sales. He worked his way up through the […]

Locate and fix leaking commercial metal roofs.

Metal roofs are durable, dependable, and can last up to 40 (or even 70) years. With such a long lifespan, commercial buildings can certainly get a lot out of a metal roof. But, metal roofs can leak just like any other type of commercial roofing system and tend to be a little more difficult to fix as compared to leaks on traditional asphalt roofs. So what do you do when/if a leak happens? 

If you’re struggling with a leaking metal roof, the following solutions are often utilized by professional roofing companies to address metal roof leaks. But before we talk about repair options, let’s first take a look at how you can spot a leaky metal roof! Read more

5 factors play a major role in commercial roof replacement cost.

Are you afraid that it’s time to get a new commercial roof for your property? Are you hoping to set a realistic expectation for how much the roofing quotes might be for a new roof? If so, learn all about the cost factors that determine the price.

As you may expect, commercial roof replacement costs have a wide variety of prices. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into the factors that dictate the overall price for a new commercial roof, which will help you better understand the process overall. Read more