here are many advantages of cool roofing systems, including decreased energy costs and extended lifespan.

Did you know you can improve the energy efficiency of your business, save money, and keep your office buildings more comfortable with just one change? Cool roofing systems provide an easy way to gain these benefits with just one switch.

Why should you consider cool roofing for your building? There are many advantages of cool roofing systems for commercial roofing. See why cool roofing might be the best option for your commercial roofs!

Benefit 1: Less Energy Use

You don’t need a green roof with solar energy to cut back on energy use. While most roofs are made from dark-colored roofing material that heats up quickly in the hot sun, cool roofs are made with reflective materials. Cool roofing systems can use paint, a covering, or even reflective shingles to prevent the roof surface from absorbing the heat of the sun (which is especially useful in warm hot climates like California and Florida).

Because of these reflective roof materials absorbing less heat, cool roofing systems reduce the amount of energy used to maintain the temperature within in your building. Dark roofs absorb excess heat on the surface which in turn increases the indoor temperature, meaning you usually have to turn up the AC.

Being this much more energy-efficient means that you will save money on energy costs regulating the temperature of your commercial building in the summer months, not needing to use your air conditioning unit as often. This provides energy savings for both your wallet and for the environment. 

Benefit 2: Increased Comfort

Not only does a cool roof save energy, but it will also increase the comfort of the people inside your building. You may not realize how much the roof temperature affects the inside of your building. When the surface temperature of your roof increases, the air temperature inside increases with it. 

If your building does not have an air conditioner or if your air conditioner doesn’t properly cool down your building, a cool roofing system could be the solution. By preventing the sun’s heat from getting absorbed into your building, you can ensure that your building will have a more comfortable temperature for the people inside.

This is also great for other outdoor areas or parts of commercial buildings that cannot be air-conditioned well. For example, using a cool roofing system in your parking garage for your commercial building can keep it cooler without having to use an HVAC system or other type of cooling alternative. It can also keep your restaurant patio and other outdoor spaces cooler for your customers, even in hot climates or during hot summer months!

The indoor comfort of your employees or people working in your commercial building can impact their productivity and performance. In fact, a hot day can decrease employee productivity by 24%. By keeping your building at a comfortable temperature with cool roofing, you can keep your employees happy and comfortable while improving productivity at the same time. 

Finally, cool roofs can also protect you in the event of a heatwave. If your air conditioning suddenly isn’t working, having a cool roof can stave off heat exhaustion and other heat-related issues.

Benefit 3: Saves Money

Clearly, using less energy to keep your commercial building cool can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. You’re saving cooling costs by using less air conditioning. However, there are other cost savings from cool roofing systems that may not be as obvious!

For example, the benefits of cool roof coatings also include not having to replace your roof as often. This can save you thousands of dollars for the cost of a commercial roof repair or replacement. Not to mention, extensive damage increases the cost to remove your existing roof and replace it with a new roof. These expenses can be avoided with a cool roof and solar reflectance. Both excessive heat and UV rays cause damage to your roof. Covering it with solar reflectance or other cool roofing materials saves you money by preventing roof repairs or premature replacement. 

By making the upfront investment for a cool roof, you can save money for years to come!

Benefit 4: Good for the Environment

If you want to find a way to help the environment, using cool roofing is a great step to take! First, using less cooling energy in your commercial building can reduce emissions from power plants. This prevents air pollution from things like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, and more. 

Additionally, cool roofing systems can even reduce the “heat island effect,” which happens in urban areas that have limited access to vegetation and other open spaces. Because traditional roofing products absorb so much heat, areas with highly concentrated commercial buildings can become several degrees hotter than other surrounding areas.

When you and other commercial building owners use cool roofing systems, you can prevent this urban heat island effect, avoid heat waves, protect your tenants, and more. 

Benefit 5: Extends Life of Roof

Finally, having cool roofing installed on your commercial building can extend the lifespan of your roof! Depending on the method of installation and the maintenance of your commercial roof, it can last anywhere from 10 to 40 years

Too much heat and direct UV light to your roof can cause damage and decrease life expectancy. Commercial roofs that are exposed to extreme heat can dry out, become brittle, and even crack, which leads to leaks and other roofing problems that may require a roof replacement. (And, even if the roof does not need to be replaced, it will still add to maintenance costs when a roofing contractor is needed for frequent repairs.)

By using a cool roofing system, your roof will reflect these rays instead of absorbing them. By installing a cool roofing system, you may be able to make your roof last longer with fewer problems from sun damage. 

Find Cool Roofing Systems for Your Commercial Building Today

When you install cool roofing systems, you can see a range of benefits from lower energy bills to benefits for the environment. And, by installing a cool roof system, you can save money and protect your investments. 

However, remember, hiring a reputable commercial roofing company to do this installation is imperative.

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