Men reviewing information and pricing for a cooperative contract.

Imagine this: you have the ability to buy in bulk from vendors in your area. You are able to take advantage of competitive pricing to realize administrative cost savings. And, you can build a relationship with the vendor that’s giving you supplies.

Don’t believe it’s possible? Then, you need to learn more about cooperative purchasing contracts. These contracts establish agreements between state agencies, vendors, businesses and regional or national associations group purchasing.

In turn, each entity has the ability to save money and succeed. Those benefits of cooperative purchasing then spread to other businesses, though the use of piggybacking within the cooperative purchasing organization.

To learn more about cooperative purchasing agreements and how piggybacking works, keep reading. We have everything you need to know.

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Comparing Contractor Bids for Your Commercial Roof

When obtaining bids for roof repair, replacement or an entirely new roofing system, your business is putting its trust in the expertise of multiple commercial roofing contractors. So, it’s imperative to do your due diligence, reviewing each company’s scope of work along with the bid price that gets submitted.

Unfortunately, when comparing bids for commercial roof projects, many developers end up choosing the roofing contractor with the lowest (but not necessarily the best) bid, which can be the source of many issues down the line. The cheapest option is almost never the best option, and today, we’ll dive deeper into the importance of comparing bids by going beyond just the price you see on paper.

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The first “Shop Local! Give Hope!” program delivered $500 each to Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley and the Salvation Army of Youngstown.

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Flat commercial roof with a large puddle of ponding water around rooftop HVAC units.

Whether you’re manufacturing or have a retail space where clients are visiting your business, an intact, functional roof is a must. Too many people take a proper drainage system on their low-slope or flat roof for granted and don’t consider the serious risk of standing water. After all, what harm can a simple puddle do?

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Why are Flat Roofs So Common on Commercial Buildings?

There are many different styles of roofs that you can choose for your building. However, when you are constructing a new building and installing a commercial roof, the most common style (as you might know) is a flat roof.

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