Men reviewing information and pricing for a cooperative contract.

Imagine this: you have the ability to buy in bulk from vendors in your area. You are able to take advantage of competitive pricing to realize administrative cost savings. And, you can build a relationship with the vendor that’s giving you supplies.

Don’t believe it’s possible? Then, you need to learn more about cooperative purchasing contracts. These contracts establish agreements between state agencies, vendors, businesses and regional or national associations group purchasing.

In turn, each entity has the ability to save money and succeed. Those benefits of cooperative purchasing then spread to other businesses, though the use of piggybacking within the cooperative purchasing organization.

To learn more about cooperative purchasing agreements and how piggybacking works, keep reading. We have everything you need to know.

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Meeting bid requirements with cooperative purchasing.

Did you know that you can potentially secure the services that your business needs (cost-effectively) through cooperative purchasing?

Cooperative contracts are well-known to provide great benefits for public agencies (schools, municipalities, etc.), helping buyers save time and money when searching for services like commercial roofing. But, even more importantly, cooperative purchasing organizations can help their members meet tight bid requirements and get back to work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

cooperative purchasing contract

Cooperative purchasing programs have helped government agencies and nonprofits afford a variety of services over the years and have allowed these entities to purchase everything from IT and security to law enforcement products and repair services. But, who exactly is eligible for a cooperative purchasing contract? Read more

Cooperative Purchasing

Joining a Group Purchasing Organization can lead to savings of between 8 and 10 percent, and that power in numbers is what makes GPOs a popular way of cutting costs when purchasing products.  Read more

Save Money On Your Commercial Roof

A commercial roof is a large investment. Whether you’re looking for roof replacement, roof repair or roof installation services, there’s a lot of time and money involved.

With that said, there’s one major way for you to save both time and a lot of money, and that’s through a purchasing cooperative. Not sure what a purchasing cooperative is and how it could benefit you? Read on to find out. Read more

School roof undergoing service with TEMA Roofing.

Ensuring that your elementary school, middle school or high school has appropriate and safe facilities is paramount, especially when buildings may be in need of roof replacement.

Like it or not, certain decisions can hinder the whole replacement process.  Read more

Church Roof Leak

Are the walls of your church becoming discolored? Do you have leaks that constantly need to be monitored when it rains? If so, it may be time to consider a roof repair or replacement. Read more

TEMA hand shake

Imagine that you have started the non-profit of your dreams. You’re ready to help people until you realize that you can’t afford necessary supplies. After some research, you come across TIPS USA purchasing cooperative, and you want to apply. Read more


In 2019, the Texas state government was able to save over $200 million by simply utilizing cooperative purchasing contracts. That is $200 million that can go back into the budget and back to the taxpayers. Read more

Non Profit Organizations

In 2015, there were over 1.56 million nonprofit organizations registered with the IRS and that number was a 10.4% increase from 2005. So, you can bet the amount of US-based nonprofits is even higher today. Read more