TEMA’s commercial roof asset management customer portal.

A commercial roof does more than just keep the rain out. Commercial roofing is a key part of the building envelope, protecting everything inside while supporting equipment outside. 

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Commercial roof inspection.

Penetrations in a commercial roof surface cause building owners a lot of problems. Ponding water damages the roof as well as roof-mounted equipment. It also leads to roof leaks and water damage. Read more

Commercial roof in need of restoration.

Replacing a commercial roof is often an intensive, expensive process. That’s why, whenever possible, many business owners opt for commercial roof restoration, instead. Roof restoration adds a new surface to your existing roofing system that protects the building from weather and may even provide cost savings when it comes to energy bills.

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Outdated HVAC units being replaced.

How long will your facility’s air conditioning and heating system last? There are so many components involved that it’s hard to make a single estimate. On average, business owners can expect the life expectancy of commercial HVAC systems to be anywhere from 10 to 20 years before they need major repairs.
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