Commercial roof damaged by hailstones.

Your commercial roof is exposed to the elements all day, every day. It’s designed to sit out in the hot sun, the freezing cold, and endure severe weather. Read more

Workers performing maintenance on a built-up roof.

A Built-Up Roof (BUR) system is time-tested and reliable. The durability and reliability of built-up roofing systems are exactly why BURs have been in continual usage for American commercial buildings for over a century and a half. However, with that performance comes maintenance and repair issues unique to built-up roofs. We’ll talk about what those are and also discuss key advantages and disadvantages to built-up roofs. Is a BUR system right for your building?

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Commercial roofers performing roof maintenance.

Business owners need to ensure that their commercial roof system is ready for the long haul. After all, it’s the investment that protects all of your other investments; it protects your equipment, your workers, and your customers! 

So what steps can you take to ensure that your commercial roof is taking care of you for as long as it possibly can? Get help with these 5 tips for maximizing your commercial roof’s lifespan!      Read more

New commercial roof.

When trying to find cost savings for your commercial building, you may not automatically think to replace the roof. However, a new commercial roof can provide dramatic energy savings for your building. Why? It’s simple. A properly maintained roof provides better insulation and protection for your building, ultimately lowering energy bills in the process.

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