Fall is commonly seen as the best time of year for commercial roof replacement.

Holding off maintenance because you’re wondering what the best time of the year is for a complete commercial roof replacement? While each season has their own pros and cons, the best time to schedule your roof replacement is when you need it! Don’t wait for a better season if a replacement is needed right away. 

If you have the luxury to plan and schedule your roof replacement though, here are the seasons ranked from worst to best to get that new roof you’ve been considering for your business or commercial space. 

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Managing roofing assets for multiple facilities can delay full roof replacement.

Get the most out of your metal roof! Commercial metal roofs are known to last over half a century, but don’t take this for granted! A poorly maintained metal roof will deteriorate much faster than those that receive regular care and maintenance. 

Metal roofing systems are proven to last longer than your average shingle or flat roof, but still need the same attention. Whether you are considering the switch to a metal roof for your commercial building or have one already, see why regular maintenance is crucial. Read more

A commercial roof fall checklist can prevent damage from heavy leaf buildup.

Fall means back to school and haunted houses, but it also means changing weather conditions; and changes in temperature (and extreme weather) are just some ways that your commercial roof system can face damage.

While many people spend time doing fall activities like consuming anything pumpkin spice, commercial roof maintenance should be a high priority, too. Afterall, your roof protects your entire building, so make sure it is taken care of properly! 

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Commercial roof replacement is more affordable with the improved tax deductions.

There’s never been a better time to replace your roof, because in 2021, tax code Section 179 was updated to have an even better tax deduction for commercial building owners.

Since commercial roofs typically have a large square foot coverage area, the cost of a full roof replacement for commercial buildings can get steep (which leads to many building owners putting off when they need a new roof). But, procrastinating on roof replacement can cause additional problems that compromise the integrity of your entire building!

Sure, repairing damage and performing preventative maintenance on your roof helps prolong its lifespan, but all roofs will need to be replaced eventually. As of 2021, this became a lot more affordable for business owners with an extended tax code adding improvements to commercial roofing to the qualified list.  Read more