Commercial roof with multiple vents that is protected by roof leak service agreement

Ben Franklin is credited with the quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” His point and how it relates to commercial roofing? Well, it’s much wiser (and typically less costly) to perform preventative maintenance than it is to deal with an unexpected commercial roof repair after a problem rears its ugly head.

It’s always better to invest in a proper roof maintenance plan so you can avoid bigger, more expensive issues down the road. The best way to deal with a leaking roof is to plan for it before it occurs, rather than scrambling to address it after the fact. If your roof leaks unexpectedly, how can you ensure a prompt response from a reliable expert?

Preventing water damage to your facility and its contents can go from an afterthought to an emergency in the blink of an eye, but a commercial roof leak service agreement can offer peace of mind by laying out a plan.

What is a Commercial Roof Leak Service Agreement?

Commercial roof maintenance programs come in many shapes and sizes. The important thing to remember is that one size definitely does NOT fit all. Building owners and facility managers should feel comfortable that the roofing company they work with and the maintenance agreements they have in place are tailored to their specific needs.

Manage Emergencies by Being Prepared

Finding a reliable and trustworthy commercial roofing contractor on short notice can be next to impossible. And, if you do find someone who can make an immediate service call, how sure can you be that they are going to have the experience to provide high-quality service? Will they actually show up? Is there a risk that they may make the problem worse or cause additional damage that voids your roof warranty?

These are the types of questions that can be answered by executing a proactive (rather than reactive) plan. Preventative roof services, such as semi annual inspections and routine maintenance can go a long way toward providing assurance that your investment is being protected.

What Is Covered in a Preventative Maintenance Contract?

All good maintenance plans start with a roofing system survey and assessment. An experienced roofer will conduct a thorough inspection of all aspects of the roofing system. This inspection should ideally take place twice a year–just before harsh winter weather arrives, and once the weather has broken in the spring.

The maintenance agreement will likely be inclusive of proactive items like minor repairs and maintenance required to be compliant with warranty requirements.

If your flat roof developed a leak or has another problem, that, by comparison, is a reactive repair. The roofer will tell you about it, so you can prioritize the work needed to make repairs. And an experienced commercial roofing company will note any defects found in the roof structure (which could require more extensive work to correct).

Most professional roofers keep a full history of roof inspections and maintenance. This history is important if you need warranty work done, and at TEMA Roofing, all of that information is housed in our cloud-base client portal (giving clients 24/7 access to information).

What Are the Primary Benefits of a Commercial Roof Leak Service Agreement?

There are several benefits to entering into a commercial roof leak service agreement. In fact, a well-managed roof leak service program can reduce the number of roof leaks by more than 50 percent.

  • A professional commercial roofer inspects the roof system twice a year. The main purpose of the inspection is to address small problems while they are easily managed and before they become bigger, more expensive problems. This proactive maintenance allows your roof to reach its maximum life expectancy
  • Correcting minor problems early prevents potential damage to the interior of the facility and eliminates downtime due to leaks. This translates to real savings for the business.
  • Nearly all manufacturer warranties are conditional upon routine maintenance. If the maintenance is neglected, the warranty can be voided. A maintenance agreement helps ensure compliance.
  • It will show substantial long-term savings, as it delays the need to replacement of the entire roofing system

Protection When You Need It With TEMA Roofing Services

Regardless of whether you have one site, a regional portfolio or a national facility footprint, TEMA Roofing Services offers roof leak service agreements that deliver certified roofing technicians to your door any time you have a leak. Our service agreement program is approved by virtually all major roofing manufacturers and meets their individual warranty requirements—so you can be confident that your repair will be performed to OEM standards.

Predictable Costs For Unexpected Service Calls

With all TEMA service agreements, “not to exceed” caps are established for service visits, so you’ll never be caught by surprise by an unexpected bill. Our service technicians perform repairs up to the agreed-upon amount and advise you if additional work beyond the cap may be needed. At that time, you may choose to authorize any additional work.

With a TEMA service agreement in place, you gain the value-added benefit of having one of the most notable roofing service experts in the country oversee the quality of your repairs at no additional fee. TEMA also builds an online history for the site based on any inspections or repairs that are performed. This additional “intelligence” provides an excellent foundation for better planning and the resolution of your roofing needs.

TEMA has more than 50 years of proven experience in the roofing industry, and our certified roof technicians are fully trained in all major manufacturer roofing systems.

Let Us Help You Manage Your Roofing Assets

We’re here to help and are ready to take an in-depth look at your commercial roof in order to give you reliable advice backed by decades of experience. TEMA is proud to be your trusted, experienced commercial roofing contractor partner, and we’re ready to answer your maintenance plan questions and discuss options. Reach out today.