Rooftop with convenient HVAC placement.

Having a commercial HVAC system in front of your building can detract from the aesthetic of your property. However, installing an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit on a flat roof removes the undesirable and bulky ground units from eyesight.

Besides aesthetics, there are many benefits to moving your air conditioning system from the ground to the rooftop. Not only will your HVAC unit be out of sight and out of mind but the challenges associated with ground units will also be eliminated. Even better, your commercial building will gain back usable space while the unit itself can be easily maintained. 

Learn why these rooftop HVAC units are gaining popularity and how your commercial building can benefit from the move.

  1. Save Space In and Around Your Commercial Building

    One of the biggest benefits of installing a rooftop HVAC unit for your commercial building is that it saves space. When you run a business or own commercial property, every inch of land holds value. In fact, the average price of office real estate in the United States is about $35 per square foot.

    Because this cost adds up quickly, business owners want to utilize as much space as possible without unnecessary waste. Commercial heating and cooling systems can take up a lot of ground space, especially with bigger buildings, so many building owners don’t want to waste crucial space with a clunky HVAC ground unit.  

    If you’re looking for an easy way to get back more space on your property and help with aesthetics, a space-saving rooftop AC unit is a simple and effective way to do that. 

  2. More Secure Than Ground Level HVAC Systems

    Implementing a rooftop HVAC system unit improves its security from constantly getting vandalized. HVAC systems have different types of metals that are valuable and easy to sell, and ground HVAC units make those components easily accessible to anyone, regardless of involvement with the company. 

    If a vandal finds an HVAC unit that is easy to access, they can strip the metals (like stainless steel dampers) from your unit and get away before anyone notices. When these metals are stolen, it may render your HVAC unit completely useless (which loses you money in the price of the replacement). Meanwhile, your indoor air quality suffers without a working heating, ventilation or cooling unit

    When you have a rooftop HVAC unit, it is much easier to prevent vandalism. Your unit is hidden from plain sight and access is restricted without a ladder or other entryway within your building. Having a commercial HVAC unit on your rooftop can save you thousands of dollars in HVAC equipment repairs or replacement.

  3. Easy To Maintain Heating and Cooling Systems

    Another great benefit of using a rooftop commercial HVAC unit is that the upkeep is made much easier. Because commercial roofs are flat and typically have easy access, your HVAC maintenance crew can quickly provide maintenance while staying out of the way of your business. 

    Having the HVAC unit all in one place also makes it easier to maintain. Ground units often split systems (different units), potentially scattered around your property. With a rooftop unit, there is no need to search the property to find these units as they will all be in the same area or viewable on the flat roof. If each of your commercial units is on your rooftop, an HVAC technician can make repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

    This also makes it easy to run your business even if your HVAC air conditioner is not working properly. Rather than having several crew members on the grounds of your commercial building that are preventing customers and employees from entering, your HVAC contractor will be out of the way when making repairs! Plus, the HVAC maintenance crew doen’t have to worry about others interfering while they work.

  4. Prevents Dirt and Damage

    In addition to intentional damage from vandalism, having ground units increases the potential of accidental damage to your unit. HVAC condenser units that are on the ground level can get very dirty when exposed to harsh weather and dirt. Plus, they may also be accidentally damaged by cars, delivery trucks, and more. Being on the ground, air conditioning and heating systems have no protection from the environment.

    By storing your HVAC unit on the rooftop of your commercial building, you will keep it in better shape for years to come and you won’t have to worry about someone damaging your HVAC system.

  5. Less Sound Pollution

    If your commercial building is in an industrial business park or near other commercial buildings, you may notice that there is a lot of noise pollution that could be partially due to noisy ground HVAC units. 

    When you use a rooftop HVAC unit, you can significantly reduce the noise pollution of your building. The units are on the roof, making them less likely to be heard, and have more open air to not trap in the excess noise.

  6. More Energy Efficient

    Rooftop HVAC units can be more energy efficient than traditional ground units because they typically have more control options, allowing the user to adjust the temperature of your commercial building more precisely! Better temperature control means less wasted energy and a better regulated building temperature. 

    It is proven that rooftop HVAC units are more energy-saving because of their good SEER ratings (which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and shows how efficient your system can run during the summer months). If you choose an HVAC system with a high SEER rating, you will have greater energy efficiency and will save money on your energy bills.

Flat Roof HVAC Systems For Your Commercial Building

When you own a commercial building, you may be looking for ways to improve the appearance of your property and save money. 

As a trusted commercial roofing company, our professionals encounter a wide variety of rooftop commercial HVAC units, understand their benefits and know how those units integrate into a roofing system. Moving just one commercial HVAC gains back critical space and adds to aesthetic appeal (along with all the other cost-saving benefits). So, if you own a commercial building and want a professional team that you can rely on for commercial roofing and HVAC repair, TEMA Roofing Services can help! 

Get the most out of your flat roof. Contact TEMA Roofing today to get a free commercial roof inspection or to learn more about our services. The benefits of rooftop HVAC placement pay for themselves!