Commercial HVAC System worker servicing rooftop HVAC units.

Replacing your entire HVAC system is quite a daunting task. Not only financially, but from the aspect of having the business stalled or shut down completely during the process. A commercial HVAC system generally lasts 10-15 years before signs come that it’s time to replace or repair the system in a way that helps extend the life of the whole system. In the interest of employee comfort and longevity of the property, it’s best to maintain your commercial HVAC system regularly with visits from a professional HVAC services company.

Make It Last

A few things contribute to how long your commercial HVAC system lasts and how you can extend the life of a commercial HVAC system. Quality of installation, weather conditions and conditions inside the building, as well as model and type as well as the usage level even under a proper maintenance plan. We’ve compiled a list of tips that will no doubt help get many more years out of your commercial HVAC System.

Check The Insulation

It’s no secret that the ability to keep the inside of a building warm or keep it cool lies within sufficient insulation. Your heating and air conditioning of the building will not be working as hard if the insulation is doing its job the way it was meant to be working. If the insulation is not up to par, then the HVAC system will be running constantly trying to keep up. You can add more insulation or have a professional energy audit.

Change The Filters

Regular checking of the air filters is essential to your system running at its highest, most efficient level, not to mention the indoor air quality. Technicians will do this from time to time when they’re running inspections on the system, but preventative maintenance best practices state that you should keep an eye on your commercial HVAC’s air filters.

Utilize The Auto Setting

Another measure in ensuring the system isn’t overworked is that the auto setting is used to make sure that the energy efficiency levels are utilized. The auto setting sets the temperature at a specific level and maintains that level throughout the day while running as efficiently as possible. Utilizing the auto setting will on require the system to run when it’s absolutely necessary to do so to maintain the temperature which makes sure overuse doesn’t happen.

Check The Condenser

The condenser is where airflow comes into the machine, so this can be damaged during hard storms. If there’s a lot of debris building up or being blown into the area, some may fly into the condenser, so you should check for signs of damage. Condenser cleaning can certainly be a breakdown or tuneup stopping approach.

Protect The Unit Outdoors

With the sun bearing down on the top of the building, right where your commercial HVAC unit resides. It’s not a bad idea to cover or insulate that machine to ensure that it’s not getting any more unnecessary heat and wear than it’s supposed to. HVAC maintenance at your property will be lessened a great deal by preventative maintenance.

Don’t Overwork The System

Do you know anyone who is always blasting the air conditioning or the heat in the winter? This will surely take a toll on your commercial HVAC system requiring more attention for repairs and maintenance and if done long enough will overwork it until it needs to be replaced completely. Find other ways to keep yourself at a temperate level that doesn’t require taking the system off of the auto setting such as utilizing ceiling fans or programmable thermostats.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Last but certainly not least, always schedule your system to be evaluated by an HVAC technician every three months to avoid emergency service. Commercial HVAC equipment will need to be checked for refrigerant levels, filters, air duct quality, integrity of fan settings, adding lubrication to the moving parts Nothing will prolong the life expectancy of your system like routine maintenance of the HVAC system at your commercial building by trained professionals like those at TEMA Roofing Services!

TEMA Roofing Service Does HVAC Maintenance and Repairs!

Let the HVAC Repair technicians at TEMA Roofing handle all of your commercial property’s HVAC System maintenance needs. Energy savings, employee comfort and air quality are more than enough important reasons to keep up to date with checkups on your commercial HVAC system. And with TEMA Roofing, the cloud based client portal gives you a convenient way to schedule maintenance, check repair status in real time with photos and more. Call us today and let us help extend the useful life of your commercial HVAC system!