Youngstown, OH: TEMA Roofing Services is announcing that Scott Froelich has been named president of The Builders Association. 

Most recently, Froelich’s title was first vice president with the Association, in which TEMA has  been a member since 2017. He is also vice president of TEMA, which was founded in 2015.

“Being elected president of The Builders Association is a great honor, and I’m looking forward to serving my term,” said Froelich. “It’s a big time commitment to be engaged and active in this role, so the responsibility is expansive. Being president gives me not only a leadership role in the Association but also exposes TEMA to a broader network of trusted industry professionals.”

Among Froelich’s many goals during his term, working to facilitate opportunities for Association members ranks high. This includes being a trusted resource for entities looking to build new or renovate. Froelich looks to grow the organization in order to develop a greater awareness in the marketplace and ultimately connect businesses with members.

“I’m excited to be the face of The Builders Association and expand total membership by participating in a variety of networking events,” Froelich added. 

In addition to The Builders Association, Froelich is involved in the Future Executive Institute, a program through the National Roofing Contractors Association.

 In his freetime, Froelich enjoys Crossfit and golf. He is husband to Simone, and together they have two children: Joella and Henry, who will be joined by a new sibling in the near future.

About TEMA Roofing Services: Located just north of Youngstown in Girard, Ohio, TEMA Roofing Services is a woman- and family-owned business with 112 combined years of commercial roofing experience. TEMA focuses on commercial and industrial roofing, roof asset management and customer relationships.