National Business Women’s Week Spotlight: Meg Froelich

The third week in October is recognized as National Business Women’s Week, and in celebration of the observance, TEMA Roofing would like to take the opportunity to highlight one of our own: Meg Froelich, owner and CFO.

National Business Women’s Week works to highlight the accomplishments of women in business and elevate the standards for business and professional women across the nation. Right here under our own roof, Meg has worked tirelessly to lead the charge in making TEMA Roofing a purpose-built, trustworthy and successful business.

Prior to starting TEMA Roofing with her husband, Meg spent 20 years working as the director of transportation for the County Boards of Developmental Disabilities. Her role there centered around the needs and overall safety of her clients—skills that have transcended markets and allow her to successfully coordinate TEMA’s many moving parts.

As a proud mother of five (and grandmother of ten and counting), family is the basis for everything Meg does and is a driving force behind creating and maintaining the legacy of TEMA Roofing.

Established with decades (and generations) of commercial roofing experience behind it, TEMA Roofing is accredited as a woman-owned business. In today’s business landscape, women-owned businesses generate almost $1.8 trillion in sales and make up 40% of privately owned companies.

National Business Women’s Week was created in 1928 by the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs and officially recognized in 1938. For more information on National Business Women’s Week, visit