Roof asset management portal on desktop computer.

Far too often, property managers and facility managers inherit a gigantic list of problems associated with their roof, due to run-until-failure management style. With proactive, planned life cycle roof system management, it is possible to eliminate excessive roof system capital expenditures over the total life of the roof. Depending on the size of the asset portfolio, a programmatic roof management plan could save you lots of money. Roof maintenance can be proactively planned and cost-effective with a roof asset management program, saving building owners time and money over the service life of their roof.

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What A Roof Asset Management Plan Does

A comprehensive roof maintenance program covers a variety of corrective actions and maintenance work in order to ensure that all parts of the roof system are functioning properly. A lot of the work is preventive maintenance to keep small problems from becoming larger problems that lead to major roof repair, or worse, complete roof replacement. Depending on the strategy created from the data garnered in the general inventory of the roof, proactive instead of reactive maintenance and decisions can be made much easier.

The amount of data in your roof asset management plan will vary greatly depending on the size and type of your building, as well as the scope of work you may need to have done. A business inside of a small building won’t have to gather and sort through as much information as a large building with multiple roof areas to monitor. Building owners usually depreciate building costs over a span of 40 years. Roof systems are one of the many building elements that do not achieve these types of life spans.

General Inventory of the Roof

By being cognizant of the roof condition and staying on schedule with roof inspections, your commercial roof can make it just as long as the rest of the building envelope and you will not have any downtime with emergency repairs.

Inventory of the roof incorporates the age and condition of the roof, including photos. There is also information on the size of the roof, composition, drainage areas, type of equipment there (such as lightning protection and HVAC components), warranties, and the history of roofing repairs and inspections from your roofing contractor.

Complete Roof Strategy

Once you have all of the knowledge about every square foot the whole roof system, you can better approximate your company’s roofing needs. You and your property or facility manager can then map out a plan of action for both the near future and years ahead, especially if there is the possibility of multiple roofing projects. A comprehensive roof asset management program, like the one offered by TEMA Roofing, allows companies to forecast for future repairs and eventual replacement of the system once the life of the roof has been completed. Try to keep your roof management plan flexible in the event of unexpected repairs or new safety regulations.

Client Portal With Cloud Technology

Whether your scope of work involves small repairs, or a total roof replacement, having clear communication between you and the roofing industry professionals is tremendously important. That’s why within the industry, many companies have a cloud-based client communication portal with all of the information property owners can possibly need! Pictures of roof areas, service charges, and other information allowing the property owners to make decisions in real time between roof inspections and repair work. This way, you’ll be able to know what’s coming before it happens and lessens the odds of making costly emergency repairs once problems have gotten out of control.

If you have a new roof or one has been regularly kept up, a roof asset management program is very helpful to have over the life of your commercial roofing services. Easy communication between you the roofing professionals looking at the same information as you have on your computer screen from the cloud based portal makes evaluations of regular maintenance before roof failures of any kind happen.

RAM Program at TEMA Roofing!

TEMA’s commercial Roof Asset Management program offers a wide range of services designed to make sure that your investment lasts and that warranties remain intact. Whether you have one building or one thousand, TEMA has the experience and knowledge base to customize a Roof Asset Management program that fits your company. The client portal at TEMA Roofing is updated with conditions, data and photos of all work performed at your property.

You can trust the three generations of experience and care of a family owned and operated local business to keep up with the preventative maintenance of your facility’s roof. The roof asset management program’s use of cloud based software keeps you informed in real time of conditions and services performed on the roof. From progress reports of current work to service requests, the client portal is a great way to stay aware of all of your roofing needs. TEMA’s Commercial Roofing Asset Management Portal has all of your roof’s data on a secure server for storage and backup. Contact us today to see what hundreds of satisfied customers already know.