How to Keep Costs Lost when hiring a roofing contractor in akron

When looking for a commercial roofing contractor, cost certainly shouldn’t your only sticking point. In fact, it should be common knowledge to never compromise quality and service in order to lower costs, because it’s not impossible to get a quality job AND a reasonable price.

In addition to price, structural function is extremely important, which is why you need to find a contractor with knowledge and experience. Competent commercial roofing contractors can handle sophisticated roof designs and also repair and carry out periodic roof maintenance.

Unfortunately, roof installation (or any building construction, in general) is never cheap. That’s because material costs increase regularly and there has been a shortage of skilled labor in the construction industry nationwide.

That said, worry not! Because there are ways you can lower costs for your roof installation and repair. In this piece, we’ll show you how you can significantly cut down on costs when in need of roofing services so that you don’t have to ruin your bank account when you need a new roof.

Working With Your Commercial Roofing Contractor

As with anything construction-related, there’s a lot more that goes into a commercial roofing project than what meets the eye. Below is a list of things to keep in mind when considering commercial roof replacement – they may just help you save some money, too!

Consider Peak Seasons for Commercial Roofing

There are peak construction seasons and seasons when things are a bit slower. Typically, fall through winter is the off-season for most contractors in northeast Ohio (think Akron, Youngstown, Caton, Cleveland, Warren), but this doesn’t apply across the board.

Commercial roof contractors are in high demand during rainy seasons because there is plenty of repair and replacement work that comes to light when the rain starts falling. Just keep track of the construction market until you find the opportune time. If you are in dire need of service or repair, though, don’t wait. Issues that are left unattended can cause even bigger problems.

Avoid the Middleman with Design-Build

Roof contractors often deal with different entities, like architecture firms, to facilitate a roof’s installation.

To lower costs, consider a commercial roofing contractor that operates under a design-build method. Design-Build streamlines the roofing process; you sign one contract and have one point of contact from start to end. With the designer and the contractor on the same team, solutions to your roofing problems are addressed quickly and without conflict.

In fact, in comparison to the traditional design-bid-build delivery method, Design-Build speeds delivery by about 33.5 percent. By using the Design-Build method, possible change-orders are anticipated from the outset of design discussions. 

Establish Rapport With the Commercial Contractor

You want your contractor to be your ally, not just someone coming to install your roof.  

If you have camaraderie, you can establish common ground on what the cost of service is for the variety of options that are appropriate for your roof. They will be able to walk you through the pros and cons of each system, helping to understand the differences in installation, strength and longevity. 

Consider a Commercial Roof Overlay

Sometimes, depending on the state of your current roofing system, a commercial roof overlay can be used. Typically, overlays take less time to install and can be cheaper than a complete roof replacement.

Unfortunately, however, overlays may affect your current roof’s warranty. That’s why it’s important to use a knowledgeable commercial contractor in order to avoid damage and work to keep warranties in place.

Alternatively, you can consider other pocket-friendly options like rubber roofing. These roofs have a decent lifespan but will require a commercial roofing contractor to complete the job in the right way.

Explore Your Roofing Options

It’s a good idea to check out all roof contractor options before you settle on one. That way, you can actually compare prices, services and experience.

Also, it’s worth saying again — don’t base your decisions only on price! Be cautious of contractors that give you an unreasonably low cost, because as they say, oftentimes you get what you pay for!

Do Your Homework on the Commercial Roofer You Choose

Don’t go after a lower price point and get a bad roof job as a result. It’s very important to do some research on the commercial roofing contractor you opt for. Check online for reviews or testimonials and ask to see some of their previous projects.

Remember, it is possible to get both a reasonable price and a high-quality roof! Simply take time to review your options with a professional and work together toward a common goal.

If you need fast and professional service from a trusted, experienced commercial roofing company, contact us today! We’re always ready to help and we look forward to trusted relationships that last for decades!