Roofers performing emergency commercial roof repair.

You rely on your commercial roofing system every day – so much so that you may even forget it’s there. Most proactive businesses keep roofs maintained and schedule regular roof inspections. However, the unexpected does happen, and you may need emergency roofing services for your commercial building at some point in time.

Here’s some of the most common causes of roofing problems that require emergency on-site roof repair services.

When Severe Weather Strikes…

Your commercial property’s roof is exposed to the elements all day, every day. So, at some point throughout the roof’s lifespan, roof leak repair is inevitable (especially after extreme weather events, which have the ability to cause damage that requires emergency repair).

High Winds

High winds occur everywhere, even in areas that are not prone to hurricanes and tornadoes. Windy conditions can loosen shingles, pull roofing membranes from flat roofs, and deposit debris, branches, and leaves.

And while debris sounds like a simple fix, if left uncleaned, too many leaves can block your roof’s drains and not allow water to be directed off of your roof and onto the ground.

Whether or not you need emergency roof repair depends on the severity of structural damage to your roof. After high winds, you should inspect your roof or contact a roofing company to take a look at the damage. If your roofing membrane is pulled off or punctured by branches or debris, you definitely need emergency roof repair right away to prevent further damage to your building.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain doesn’t usually require roof repair unless it accompanies high winds. However, if your roof’s drains or gutters are blocked or damaged, water can form pools on your roof. This phenomenon is known as ponding, and small pools over time can cause water damage.

When the pools are large and heavy, the roof can sag under the weight. A sagging roof is definitely cause for emergency roof repair, as it is a danger to the inhabitants of the building (and depending on the severity, your building may even need a total roof replacement).

Ice and Snow

If your commercial building is located in an area of the country that experiences harsh winters, ice and snow can be an issue for your roof. If snow piles up on a flat roof, the weight of the snow can cause damage (similar to large pools of water) and will require emergency repair.

That’s why many commercial roofing companies offer wintertime roof snow removal as a service. Addressing snow load and ice dams is the proactive way to manage winter weather concerns. If your roof gets damaged by ice thawing and refreezing, it can lead to a leaky roof when spring arrives.

The Advantages of a Roof Asset Management Program

A great way to keep your roof investment at peak performance (for both your building and your employees) is through a roof asset management program, like the one offered by TEMA Roofing Services.

A roof asset management program ensures that you have 24-hour emergency service. Plus, with TEMA’s roof asset management program, you also have access to a 24/7 customer portal that keeps you up-to-date on your roof’s overall condition, roof maintenance schedule, and more!

Trust TEMA for Roof Emergencies

When it comes to commercial roof emergencies, trust the workmanship of a roofing business that has over a hundred years of combined experience in the commercial roofing industry.

Not already enrolled in our roof asset management program but in need of emergency support? Call our 24-hour emergency commercial roof repair line at 1-800-513-TEMA (8362) for a prompt response to roof leaks and other roofing issues.

Our responsive team will dispatch a technician to your site within hours, depending on the severity of the roof damage, to quickly assess your commercial roof and make necessary repairs on the spot. For non-emergencies, we’ll be on-site within  24-48 hours.

Whether it’s emergency repairs, maintenance, new roof installation. TEMA Roofing Services has the knowledge to take care of your commercial or industrial roof. Contact TEMA today to have your roofing project done right, on time, and on budget!