Business owner using the roof asset management portal.

Building owners will have a leg up on the preventative maintenance of their existing roof and have the peace of mind that their efforts are not going to waste when they begin a commercial roofing maintenance program. The roofing maintenance program is also referred to as a “roof asset management program”. These programs will aggregate your roof inspections, roof repairs, roof replacements and any other work done by the roofing contractor and roofing company together. 

Using this information, you and your commercial roofing contractor will come up with a long term preventative maintenance program that will last for the life of your roof. Regular maintenance is a breeze when your roofing services are planned out, and here are 5 reasons why you need a commercial roofing maintenance program.

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Keep Your Warranty Intact

Regular inspections on your new roof’s condition can identify problems that need to be addressed to keep the warranty valid over the lifespan of your roof. Clearing roof drains, gutters and the surrounding surfaces of sticks, leaves and debris, especially after severe weather keeps the roofers and technicians aware of problems before they start. Along with this, you can be assured that they’re clearing away anything interfering with the proper running of your HVAC equipment and any other debris coming from mother nature that has ended up on top of your flat roof. Keeping your warranty intact can save you lots of money in the long run.

Roof Maintenance Plans Have Perks

Roof maintenance programs have many benefits to the existing roof system on your commercial building. Some benefits to the program are: free gutter cleaning, priority on setting appointments and discounts on future repair work. This isn’t an end all to what can be offered by other companies, but rather an example of the perks offered by roofers working.

Preventative Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Keeping yourself aware of roof penetrations, roof leaks and any frayed flashing after severe weather events can make the difference between repair work or replacement work. It can be the difference between a couple of hundred dollars in repairs or tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. A cloud based client portal such as the one offered by TEMA Roofing Services opens up the lines of communication between you and your roofing contractor and gives you a leg up on all work before it gets out of hand.

Record Keeping

This step in the process of owning a commercial property is paramount to anybody that owns properties, commercial or residential or otherwise anywhere. Keeping an organized paper trail of all dealings with a particular property is always beneficial when running a business. All administrative decisions about your roof system are streamlined by having an organized record keeping system. This is a function of the cloud-based client portal at TEMA. Any workmanship performed at your property is neatly organized online, complete with invoices, photos of damages on your commercial roof and of work performed. You won’t have to look too far to find any information involving your company’s roof.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is something business owners pay good money to obtain in their management of assets. Any company that a property owner is dealing with needs to have the work done, on time and on budget, giving them the peace of mind to leave this task and go on to the next one. And in today’s business environment, peace of mind is priceless when making decisions for your property, which in turn affects how your business is run day to day. Employee comfort inside of your building is very important as well. Therefore, getting ahead of problems before they start, keeping your roof’s warranty intact, streamlining your record keeping functions and getting a couple of perks along the way is just smart business.

Roof Asset Management at TEMA Roofing!

Handling problems before they get out of control is at the heart of what TEMA’s Roof Asset Management Program is all about. Put your trust in three generations of work in the roofing industry and let us go to work and provide you and your property with the peace of mind that you deserve. TEMA’s client portal is cloud-based and includes all communication, invoices, photos and real-time status updates on all work done at the property, so decision making is a breeze! In addition to that, TEMA offers roof leak response at your property, 24/7/365, custom-designed maintenance programs for every roof in your asset portfolio, secure data storage and backup for your entire RAM program and a team of professionals that are your go-to contractor and advocate in care for your property’s roof and HVAC equipment. Call us today for a free consultation!