Contractor managing roofing assets for multiple facilities.

The building’s roof is the first level of protection from the elements. That’s why proper roof management is crucial to prevent damage and avoid a preventable roof replacement. Regular inspections and maintenance are the best way to avoid costly repairs on your roof, which is multiplied when you incorporate multiple buildings. So, what are the challenges you’ll face managing roofing assets for multiple facilities— and can one contractor do it all?

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Roof inspection as part of a Roof Asset Management program.

A comprehensive roof asset management program can greatly extend the life cycle of your commercial roof system. Not only will it help you to understand the present roof condition, but it will also allow you to anticipate repairs and maintenance. (Knowledge of such important things helps you plan for those expenditures and prevent your roof from becoming a safety hazard to employees and customers.) Let’s look at the most important parts of a good roof asset management program Read more

Roof Asset Management

Thunderstorms, heavy rain, and snow can wreak havoc on your commercial roof, and these types of severe weather events are well-known in Ohio during almost every season. Are you doing enough to protect your roofing investment? Read more