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The Cost of A Commercial Metal Roofing System

Metal is becoming one of the most popular types of roof materials for commercial roofing systems. Along with its durability and energy efficiency, it’s also pleasing to the eye and available in a number or colors. If you’ve been considering replacing your existing roof with a metal roof, then continue reading to find out more […]

The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Solar Systems

Solar energy systems are more affordable than ever, so it’s no surprise that they’re becoming more popular for businesses and homeowners alike. Sure, everybody likes saving on energy costs, but companies have the added benefit of being able to publicize their solar panel installation and get the word out that they’re using a renewable energy […]

Lifespan of a Commercial Roof: How Long Will it Last?

The roof of a commercial building is one of the most critical investments a business owner can make, because, afterall, the roof is responsible for protecting nearly every other investment! So when you are considering a new roof for your business (or wondering how long your present roof will continue to do its job), the […]

Commercial Roof Leak Repair: From Detection to Repair

Commercial buildings are unique in that their commercial roofs have to handle more stress than residential roofs (so they tend to be thicker and sturdier). They have to be dependable – after all, they’re protecting your employees, your customers, and your investments. If you see a leak in your commercial building’s roof, it’s important to […]

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4 Key Commercial Roofing Services and Underlying Issues

Whether they are unforeseen or obvious, roofing problems can always be a pain as well as an expense that can be significant. There are some common roofing issues that occur more often than others and as such there are specific roofing services that are needed more often than others. These issues can be caused by […]

See How Commercial Solar Panel Installation Results In a Positive ROI

Adding a commercial solar panel system doesn’t just help your company go green: it’s also a great long-term investment. The payoff for commercial solar panel installation takes as little as three years, and can be even shorter when you factor in tax breaks and financial programs for your commercial property. Plus, savings on utility bills […]

Weighing the Pros and Cons of an EPDM Rubber Roof

Is synthetic rubber the best choice for your building’s roof? Ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM, comes in large sheets that reduce seams, which are often weak points in commercial roofing that lead to leaks. However, while your business might be inclined to seek EPDM rubber roofing as your first and only choice, it’s important […]

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8 Obvious Signs Your Building Needs Roof Replacement

Are you considering purchasing a commercial building for your business? Do you already have the building but are concerned about whether or not it needs a new roof? Concern about a building’s roofing system is common, no matter what type of business you own or operate. Your roof literally protects every aspect of your business […]