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Meet Bid Requirements & Get Back to Pre-COVID Operations With Cooperative Purchasing

Did you know that you can potentially secure the services that your business needs (cost-effectively) through cooperative purchasing? Cooperative contracts are well-known to provide great benefits for public agencies (schools, municipalities, etc.), helping buyers save time and money when searching for services like commercial roofing. But, even more importantly, cooperative purchasing organizations can help their […]


Scott Froelich Accepted Into NRCA Future Executives Institute

TEMA Roofing is excited to announce that one of our very own, Scott Froelich, was recently accepted into NRCA University’s three-year Future Executives Institute (FEI) program. Courses were supposed to begin this past August, but due to COVID-19 restrictions are now slated to start in August 2021.  The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) is a […]

What Are the Biggest Advantages of the Design-Build Delivery System for Commercial Roofing?

The process of moving forward with a business construction project can seem like a daunting prospect, even for seasoned hands. Organizing and managing the design, overseeing the actual construction process, and even monitoring ongoing maintenance can be stressful and expensive, resulting in delays, overpayments, and so on. But, one way to minimize these hurdles is […]

iSynergy Case Study: TEMA Roofing Services

Steve Cross, CEO and creative director at iSynergy in Canfield visits the TEMA Roofing Services team, to see how iSynergy helped them drive more traffic the their website. “Before we used iSynergy, it was knocking on doors, it was meeting people, it was putting ourselves out there and creating opportunities the old-fashioned way” says Thomas Froelich Sr., president of […]