commercial roof maintenance

Did you know that hailstorms cause over $3.5 billion in losses to commercial buildings and farms? This is why commercial roof maintenance is so crucial to preventing huge losses. Any weakness or opening on a roof can result in thousands of dollars in structural damage.

Managing commercial property requires a smart and consistent roof maintenance plan. Routine inspections, regular upkeep, and quick repairs need proper budgeting. If your roofing maintenance consists of patching up problems as they appear, you’re bound to run into more costly emergencies later.

Get to the forefront of major roofing expenses and prevent early losses. Use this guide to identify, repair and maintain a high return on your investment.

Common Roofing Problems

The majority of your battles will come from damage caused by the elements. Ice and long term exposure to extreme heat are two big ones. As the climate becomes more unpredictable, you’ll need to keep a close eye on cracks and warping of roof materials.

As materials expand and contract from temperature swings, that’s where the problems start to form. This forms those weak points that allow events like hailstorms to cause so much damage. Even heavy downpours will put stress on a roof.

Standing water is a huge threat to the integrity of the roof. Both the weight from standing water and the bacteria/fungal growth are damaging.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial property owners and business owners everywhere must choose a proactive stance. They must invest in the longevity of their property or risk having to undergo early renovations to save damaged sections. Protected flat roofs, for example, can last over 20 years before needing to be replaced.

Without proper maintenance, you’re lucky to get 10 good years before expensive repairs are needed.


Annual roof inspections are pretty standard for residential roofs. The recommended schedule for commercial roofs is once before winter and once before summer. This covers two of the most extreme periods for commercial roofs.

If you only get an update on your roof’s health for the winter, you’ll miss potential damage from extreme heat and/or hurricanes. The flashings of a commercial roof are especially vulnerable. The field of the roof is not going to show any signs of wear unless you get a professional to come and inspect it.

Budgeting a Roof Maintenance Program

While searching for commercial roof services, you need to ignore the urge to shop for deals. We know, that’s easier said than done for some businesses. The truth is, though, if you go with the lowest prices, you’ll usually get the most compromises.

Maybe the cheapest contractors will also come with the least experienced laborers. Not all hard-working roofers have the knowledge and experience needed to protect and fix underlying problems. The most respected roofing companies utilize special tools to see beyond the naked eye.

Infrared scanners, for example, could save you thousands by identifying early weaknesses in the roof’s membrane. Compare this to your average “old school” roofer, who detects problems by sight, sound and doing a simple walk around. A missed opportunity to correct the start of a problem is like flushing money down the toilet.


Inspections twice a year should coincide with property upkeep quarterly or four times per year. Without someone cleaning out the gutters and drains, tree trimming and sweeping the roof, mildew and rot will creep up. Not only is a dirty roof an eyesore, but it also sends the message that your business cuts corners.

Cleanup often goes hand-in-hand with roof restoration options that install protective coatings. These will prevent ponding, rust and reflect more UV rays. Protective coatings will indirectly extend the longevity of your air conditioner, as well.

Landscaping and clearing debris is not where you need to cut budgets. The return on investment is at its highest when you require fewer emergency repairs each year. Reduce the amount of free coffee dispensed before you start skimping on roof maintenance.

Repairs and Mistakes

There are two types of repairs: unexpected and routine. Your roof will need repairs every year, even with a solid inspection and upkeep rotation. Small repairs will pop up, such as membrane defects, insulation settling or flashing repairs.

These aren’t expensive by any means, compared to what happens when you have these problems with major weather events. It is a mistake to assume these problems won’t affect you or you won’t have them at all. Leave the wishful thinking to Leprechauns and naive startups.

Always leave room in your budget for regular repairs in between maintenance and inspections. These repairs can often fluctuate by season, so being proactive pays off big. Think of all the businesses that wait until the winter to do all their repairs at once.

Whether you can afford these repairs is not the question. How much do you want to save on maintenance and repairs?

Roof Maintenance Support

Commercial roof maintenance involves a comprehensive team of players to work. Your roof should outlast the business it houses. Any successful company will have moved into a bigger one or expanded due to growth.

Having a sound plan in place and the right roofing contractors is the only way to achieve that success. Spending less time micromanaging your maintenance budget is recommended. To do that, you need to find a team that you can trust.

Tema Roofing has the experience and tools to cover all aspects of commercial roofing maintenance. Sit down with us and draw up a maintenance plan that works for your needs and budget. Schedule service with us today and save yourself the time and money on finding qualified roofers in Ohio.