Roofing Project

Whether they are unforeseen or obvious, roofing problems can always be a pain as well as an expense that can be significant. There are some roofing issues that occur more often than others and as such there are specific roofing services that are needed more often than others. These issues can be caused by failure that is premature which leads to a service life that is reduced. While this is not meant to be any sort of a diagnostic guide, it will have things listed in it that can be common issues that are battled by the owners of buildings and by professional roofing services that are hired to repair them.

The Number 1 Roofing Service Requested is for Moisture and Roof Leaks

Regardless of the type of roof you have, when you have a leak, you have a problem. Leakages in roofs can happen for a variety of reasons. The type of roof that is called a built up roof – BUR – can experience roof leaks when there are flashing details that were not properly fastened when they were installed.

When it comes to bitumen roofs – whether they are torch applied or hot bituminous roofs – can begin to leak if there is a lack of a proper barrier for moisture installed beneath a coping cap on the parapet walls. This can also be the result of improper installation of the flashing. Backwater and head laps are an additional bit of mod installation that can allow there to be an infiltration of moisture. This can lead to blisters and leaks which then lead to the failure of the roof. When the roof is bitumen that has been applied cold, materials that are improperly stored can lead to the infiltration by moisture into the roof and then the insufficient application of an adhesive can lead to roof leaks and poor lamination.

Leaks can also be the result of single ply membrane roofing has been installed with poor attention to the seams. The membranes will hold the water so the seams must be heat welded or properly glued.

Number 2 on the List of Causes for the Need of Quality Roofing Services is Tenting, Blow-offs, Reduced Resistance to Wind Uplift and Billowing

Flashing that has been installed improperly can lead to more than just leaks. When it comes to hot bituminous roofs, when the flashing has been attached poorly there can be the occurrence of open laps and seams that can ultimately lead to parts of the roofing actually blowing off. This can also cause a reduction in the resistance that the roof has to punctures and even code violation issues. Similar consequences can occur when there is poor embedment of the gravel or an inadequate amount of fasteners used in the bottom sheet while the application of torch applied and hot bituminous roofs is going on.

The resistance to wind uplift can actually be greatly reduced is the seams have not been adequately cured on mod bit systems that have been cold applied. Seams that have been made with cold adhesive materials don’t have a great integrity until they have been cured. If they happen to encounter rain and wind before they have properly cured, there can be an infiltration by moisture into the roofing system or there can be wind uplift that can be detrimental to the membrane of the roof.

If single ply roofs are not properly adhered to the substrate, they are at risk for blowing off and for billowing. Single ply roofs require a bit more to hold them in position and if this is not properly done then the flashings can tent and the membrane is damaged.

Number 3 on the List for the Need for Professional Roofing Services is Unsatisfactory Workmanship and Poor Installation

Faulty installations dramatically increase the potential for problems with roofing as well as decreasing the life expectancy of the roof. In fact, poor workmanship is one of the most common reasons for there being issues with roofs. The installation of BUR roofing systems can cause issues when specific preparations are ignored or done improperly. For example, if an area has not been properly cleaned, dried and then primed before the installation then there will be issues with the adhesion.

The mod bituminous systems that are torch applied can begin to have issues if the sheets have not been relaxed before they were installed. The preparation of the materials is highly critical for there to be a quality installation. If the sheets have not been relaxed or even if the temperature is not right then there can be blisters, contraction of the sheets, fish mouths, leaks and wrinkles. When you are getting quotes for the roofing service cost, be sure that the professionals you are getting quotes from have been properly educated on the right techniques for the specific roof type that they will be installing or working on.

The Number 4 Reason for the Need for Roofing Service is a Lack of Maintenance

Whether you know it or not, there are actually quite a few reasons for you not to neglect your roof. These include business continuity and financial reasons. If you are vigilant regarding your roof then you can prevent issues from escalating. Whether your roofing concern is a residential one or a business one, the more educated the owner is regarding the roof and its condition, the fewer issues there will be.

In fact, there are actually specified levels of maintenance that will be required so that the warranty on the roof is not voided. Things like simply performing routine inspections to check for things like water that is ponding or a piece of base flashing that might be slipping or unfilled pitch pockets are obvious things that anyone can catch. By catching these minor issues and having them promptly taken care of, you can prevent more costly repairs in the future.

By taking the proper steps you can avoid costly repairs, but eventually all roofs will need to be replaced. When that will need to be will depend on how vigilant you are with preventive maintenance.