Flat roof in need of roof restoration.

Roof maintenance should be at the top of any commercial property owner’s to-do list. Because lack of proper maintenance leads to faster wear, and replacing an entire roof can be very expensive.

But, even if issues have begun to arise, sometimes there are repairs that can prevent having to replace your entire roof.

Reach out to a trusted professional to see if commercial roof restoration is a possibility before you consider full roof replacement. This guide will help you get started!

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Commercial roof requiring repair and restoration services.

A damaged or leaking roof can be detrimental to any business–and no matter what type of business you run, losing revenue or equipment due to leaks or roof damage is a huge issue.

Unfortunately, emergency roof repair is something most businesses eventually face. Weather damage (like hail storms), aging, and normal wear and tear eat away at your roof. But, knowing what to do when this issue pops up helps you protect your assets and keep your business running smoothly.

True emergency roof repair services are required when your roof stops offering interior protection. Here are a few things you can do to help protect your assets (and bottom line) when roofing issues arise.

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TEMA Roofing matched the money raised by the “Shop Local, Give Hope!” campaign to give to local charities

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Flat elementary school roof where school system inquired about emergency roof repair.

Your school system is the heartbeat of your community. Without it, your town loses its attractiveness to newcomers, and a worn down elementary school, middle school or high school can have a long-lasting impact on the economic climate of your local area.

A great, well-maintained school system, on the other hand, will help keep people there!

Taking care of a school’s structure is an investment in the community, and new school buildings indicate that your leadership cares about the community as a whole.

So when the building starts to fall apart, it’s time to call in the experts. How do you know, though, when you need emergency roof repair? These are seven signs that your school administrators need to call an expert in emergency commercial roof repair services.

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How Often Should You Schedule a Commercial Roof Inspection?

The primary goal of a commercial building’s roof inspection is to keep your roof system well-maintained and in good standing with any warranties that may be in place.

Without a structurally sound roof, your entire business is exposed to the elements and could become hazardous for employees, too. But, how often do you need to get a roof inspection, and what should you expect from one Read more