flat roof on industrial hall

As a building owner, there are many factors that should go into the final decision for your next roofing system. And, one of those factors is deciding on your roofing project’s commercial roof color. Read more

Meeting bid requirements with cooperative purchasing.

Did you know that you can potentially secure the services that your business needs (cost-effectively) through cooperative purchasing?

Cooperative contracts are well-known to provide great benefits for public agencies (schools, municipalities, etc.), helping buyers save time and money when searching for services like commercial roofing. But, even more importantly, cooperative purchasing organizations can help their members meet tight bid requirements and get back to work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Water Leak Brown Spot

Picture this…

On what you thought was another ordinary Monday morning, you walked into your commercial building and noticed a puddle on the floor. Looking up, you found water dripping from the ceiling tiles and noticed that water spots have turned the area brown. Your mind started racing through the ramifications of these ceiling stains and the potential source of the leak Read more

Roof Asset Management

Thunderstorms, heavy rain, and snow can wreak havoc on your commercial roof, and these types of severe weather events are well-known in Ohio during almost every season. Are you doing enough to protect your roofing investment? Read more